Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas photo shoot

A few days before Christmas, we dressed the kids up in their matching pajamas to take some pictures for our annual Christmas card.  We got sooooo many good ones that it was hard to choose! These are my favorites of the group:

I love this one. Lola was really tickled about something!

I decided I had to have this one framed for my house.
I really felt like this picture captured the best of all of them!

Then we shot some individuals:



I was a bit worried if Lola would cooperate. She was feeling a little saucy at first. *grin*

But then she had a little chat with her Daddy, who always puts a smile on her face!

And we have her shot.
Cindy Lou Who.
I mean Lola.

We decided to try a "posed" picture as well. Shane came up with this, and helped the boys get into position.  He handed Lola to them, and they all laughed so hard that they could barely keep their composure! Of all the shots I took that night, I'm pretty certain this one is my absolute favorite! 

This is the one we used for the Christmas card--and I think my second favorite, 
but definitely the one with the best smiles of all of them!

I'm such a blessed Momma!


Leanne said...

Cutest kids in the Midwest!!

Rachelle said...

Cute kiddos Devin! :)

Karie said...

Absolutely ADORABLE!