Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Colin's school Christmas party

With having two children in school now, I am finding that I have to make extra effort to make things "equal" when it comes to being a room mother. Since I was a helper for Cameron's Thanksgiving Feast, I didn't help with his Christmas party so I could, in turn, help with Colin's!

We had a great time. I baked cupcakes (seems to be a highly loved, always requested treat of the kiddos!) and Ethan, Lola and I took them in and spent a while with Colin's second grade class.

Ethan always loves seeing the bigger kids and feeling like he is part of everything! 
Most of the children in Colin's class know him and always welcome him right in.

Colin and his friend and table mate (and neighbor!), Grace

Tyler and Olivia. Tyler and Colin have bonded over mutual love of Legos, and Olivia was the Prom 
Princess when Colin was the Prince last year. She and Colin are very good friends--but, I'm told, 
fight like cats and dogs sometimes! They are both so competitive, and most people that see them 
together compare them to brother and sister because of the love/hate relationship. *giggle*

Mercee and Kylie. 
I just love everything about what this picture says about how fun-loving second graders are!

Lola, enjoying her second-ever candy cane!

Mrs. Ducey is Colin's teacher. She is wonderful and loves Lola (just like everyone seems to!) 
We have been so blessed to have such wonderful, gifted, patient teachers who treat the 
children almost as if they were their own.

Enjoying some candy and cupcakes

Mrs. Ducey's second grade class!

(For my memory: Front, L to R: Kylie, Ellie, Sam, Colin, Emily, Destiny
Middle, L to R: Gavin, Madison, Grace, Maddie, Tyler, Olivia, Mercee
Back, L to R: Camden, Emma, Tiara, Kaelyn, Ethan, Mrs. Ducey)