Saturday, January 21, 2012

This week, I want to remember (1/16-1/20)

Monday, January 16

  • Having ALL of my boys with me, thanks to a day off of school in honor or Mr. King.
  • Lots and lots and lots and LOTS of Lego playing. 
  • My friend and her kids coming over to visit and play a bit. 
  • Colin coming up with a really good scrabble word all by himself. 
  • Dinner as a family. 
  • Baths without incidents. (Sometimes miraculous, in and of itself.)
  • A really all-around-wonderful day.
Tuesday, January 17

Cameron came home with a little hand that had been cut out of construction paper. The hand had a name scribbled on the back, and some numbers on the front.  Cameron proudly showed me the hand and then said: 

"Mom. Macie gave me this today to give to you. (Hands it to me) It's her phone number. (Pointing) See? Right on there? She wants you to call her so that I can go over to her house. She wants me to spend the night. Not tonight, since it's a school night. But sometime."

I chuckled to myself about the innocence of it all....but then thought I didn't think I was going to have to deal with these particular kinds of issues quite this early!

Then, a few minutes later, after asking Cameron how his day was, he said:

"Mom! Preston threw up all over his desk. Ick!"

And I laughed. Hard. Not because that was necessarily a funny piece of information, but because of ALL of the things that Cameron could have chosen to tell me about his day, he picked that.

He didn't care for my laughter and began to scold me (which just made me laugh more, of course....) "Mom! That's not funny! And it's kinda mean that you are laughing about it!"

We straightened out the reasons for my laughter, and then he was okay.

Later that night, while I was cutting Ethan's hair, he said to me:

"Mommy? What I really, really want for my birthday is....for God to turn me into an Angry Bird."

Wednesday, January 18

Waking up at 7:20--late because I didn't hear the alarm due to my current stuffiness--and panicking because I didn't think I'd be able to get the boys ready for school in time....

.....only to find them up, dressed, with their hair done and helping themselves to cereal.

Lola saying "No fair!" at least a hundred times. Sometimes inappropriately, but mostly in context.

Rearranging Lola's entire bedroom to make room for her dolls/accessories/dress up clothes.  We've officially entered into a new era....her dolls have more space than she does.

Making a new recipe for dinner that everyone loved.  When asked how it rated (one to ten):
Colin: "Ten!"
Ethan: "Ten!"
Cameron: "A thousand!"
Never one to be outdone, that Cameron. 

Thursday, January 19

Ethan, as the boys were heading out the door to go to school, saying: "Can't my brothers just stay home and play with me today?"

So sweet.

That my boys still think it is fun to dress alike, and that they do it on purpose for 
school on a regular basis. I'm going to miss that, someday.

That we had Nutella for breakfast.

And lunch. 
(Oh....and we stayed in our PJs for....awhile. May or may not have been until bath time.)

How blessed I was to walk into Ethan's room to read before rest time, to hear Ethan teaching Lola how to sing "Blessed be Your Name". And to hear her starting to sing it back.

Ethan and Cameron playing the Wii; Cameron falling behind in Mario Kart and saying, "I'm never going to catch up!" and Ethan chiming right in, not missing a beat, with "You're never going to catch up with THAT attitude."

Friday, January 20

In the morning, as I was packing the boys' lunches, Cameron asked me for a chip clip to put in his lunchbox. When I looked at him questioningly, he said:

"Mommy, I don't usually get to finish all of the chips...and then even when I fold the bag, or try to put them neatly back in my lunchbox, they always spill out! Then they get everywhere inside and spill out on the bus. (Coming over to the drawer, opening it, and pulling out a clip) See? I need one of these."  

And then he came home with his goldfish bag neatly clipped. *grin*

Watching Letter factory with E and Lo for the six zillionth time. And singing along as if it was my first.

Tombstone pizza, Star Wars, and snuggling with all of my kiddos.  Hearing Ethan say things like "Why does he talk funny? I think he's weird." (Yoda) and Colin still calling him Dark Vader. *grin*  A pretty good end to a pretty great week.