Sunday, March 4, 2012

This week, I want to remember: (2/27-3/2)

Monday, February 27

My children are possibly addicted to Veggie Tales. Lola, especially.

She asks to watch them all the time--and when I give in, she is glued to the screen!

Monday was baking/cooking day. Ethan was such a huge help. He wanted to be right next to me all day, and man--this kid really helped cut down on my time in the kitchen.

Mashing bananas for his favorite....

....banana nut muffins.

Making tea for dinner. He stood there, with his little hand on the handle of the pitcher, the whole time,
just waiting for it to get done, because he couldn't wait to....


We made finger jello. The little miss tried to sneak when she thought I wasn't around! *heehee*

 Some Italian bread for dinner. 
E got a real charge out of putting the ingredients in the bread machine.
And yes--that is the piece he got to try.

A family favorite--creamy chicken with wild rice soup. 
This is a recipe I have adapted over the years and it keeps getting thicker each time I make it! LOL

After school, the kids had a friend over and played some Star Wars. They had a great time
 until Cameron accidentally smacked Lo in the face with a light saber. I'm sure that bruise will
 show up here in this post somewhere.

Speaking of Star Wars, Colin came home from school and told me: "Mom, today I was using the force on Tyler while he was packing his bookbag...(giggling) and he kept dropping his books!"

Poor Colin. Still struggling with those breathing issues.

Tuesday, February 28

Tonight we went and has some fun at Colin's basketball game. He played (and Shane coached) Upward Basketball this year. It didn't go exactly like we had planned--the program is a bit different with some unique rules that take a bit of adjusting--but overall, we've had fun watching Colin improve!

Mommy and Lolee girl--being silly, as usual

My little guy before the game.
So many grown up teeth invading that mouth!

Before the game, they play the "Bulls" music and introduce the players. 
They each come through the tunnel and go to the middle of the floor. It really is awfully cute!

Col took the first shot and made the first basket of the game! That was pretty exciting.


A couple seconds later he stole the ball and made another lay up!

Little miss sitting and watching her biggest brother

Love her.

 Since Colin has been making more shots of late, he has gotten a tendency to not want to pass to others.
Daddy had a little chat with him about not being a ball hog!



We did end up losing the game, but not by much. It was a great effort all the way around and we were happy that Colin worked so hard.

Wednesday, February 29--Leap Day!

Boy, there could not have been a more unique day for Leap Day this year! We hit 68 degrees in our town...had to be some kind of record!

It was the most beautiful day, and the kids decided to take their toys out on the deck to play.

Lola's attention was only captured by the Imaginext toys for so long.
Then, she decided that it was time to roam the yard and explore this beautiful day.

Hard to believe that it is February, and I have new herbs sprouting in my window boxes already.

Thyme (front) and rosemary (back) that never died because it was such a mild winter.

Fun in the sun

Lola headed off to the swings.... there....

....and realized she couldn't do it.
Someone else realized it too....

I didn't even have to prompt. This big boy loves his "baby".

His words to her: "Don't worry, baby. I'll help you."



He even stayed to push.

Thursday, March 1

Brothers' Star Wars stickers. Found and applied by the little miss.

Enough said.

The boys purchased a couple of new toys and wanted me to take pictures of them playing with them! I happily obliged.

Colin with Han Solo

Obi Wan and Cameron

That night was "Skating Night" at our local roller skating rink for our grade school. We braved a trip out with the whole family and actually had a really great time!

Ethan wiping out during "Wipe Out"



Even with the sports setting on, I could not get a picture of Colin, he was moving by me so fast!

Lolee, Daddy and Cameron taking a break and watching the kids

Booo! Blurry.

E Ry had a little accident (and has a couple of pretty huge bruises to show for it).

He was tough though, as usual!

Friday, March 2

Friday was a chill out day.

Lola made another attempt at "real cereal" (with milk). Whoa....what a mess. 

Our area had some pretty severe weather. Lots of rain and hail! The kids were scared, so for a couple of hours we sat on the couch, cuddled, and watched Veggies.

Some learning time....

....and play dough occupied our afternoon.

After lunch, I sneaked a treat. Two minutes later....

Ethan, from across the room and not even seeing what I was doing: "Mommy, I can smell that you are eating M&M's."
So he got a treat, too.
He chose Kit Kat.
"Because, I get two of them that way."

Oh, I never, ever want to forget these things that make my children so unique and special!!