Saturday, March 24, 2012

This week, I want to remember: (3/19-3/23)

Monday March 19

After some {more} dandelion searching and some play time on the deck.... 

...and some swinging....

....we came in and decided to make some finger jello.
I am so glad Ethan enjoys helping me in the kitchen. We have a lot of fun together in there.

Lola played in the space where the garbage can usually goes.
For some reason, she really seems to love that spot!
She was pretending to be asleep, then shouting: "WAKE UP!!" and giggling like crazy every time.

Then we decided to have a game of chutes and ladders.
I happened to capture a moment where Ethan discovered he was landing on a ladder. :)

Lola took turns giving each of the players kisses....

....and then decided to start doing gymnastics on the couch/coffee table.

Can you take a guess who won?

That night, we took a long family bike ride to the park. It was a great night together.

Tuesday March 20

We decided to take a "nature walk" around the yard this morning. 
There was a lot to look at!

Ethan and Lola standing next to one of my favorite things: our peach trees!

There are tons and tons of beautiful blossoms on each tree--I sure hope each develops into a peach.

Ethan, examining the lilac blossoms.

We talked, as we were looking at the budding trees and flowers, about the importance of bees and how they help pollinate everything and turn the 'flowers into fruit'.  A few minutes later, we actually came upon a large bumblebee (you know those giant ones? We call them helicopters {because they are so loud when they fly by!} or 'pollen jocks') that we knew just wasn't right. It couldn't fly....poor E was very sad and prayed right then and there for this little bee to get better!!

Then, it was over to the daffodil patch.... cut a bouquet for our table.
It was another bright day, and we had a little trouble getting a picture. :)
Attempt #1:

Attempt #12 {ish}:

Ethan's solution:

Lola's solution:

They were beautiful, even in an old applesauce jar.

My mom came out again that night, and we spent another great night together 
riding bikes and grilling out. This time, I got a few pictures!

Wednesday, March 21

A trip to Walmart for about a month's worth of groceries absolutely monopolized our entire morning! I absolutely dread going to Walmart, but was thankful for several things today. Instead of complaining about having to go there, I decided I would list the blessings of the day:

  • I was able to leave the house just a little after 8:30, so I got there before most of the crazies came out.
  • The kids were super, super well behaved, and Ethan was actually very helpful! Love that kid. He has such a wonderful spirit.
  • Lola had to go to the bathroom (public restroom = worst thing ever) but managed to hold it until we got in there--no potty disasters!
  • I found my favorite chicken clearanced down and bought two packages! lol
  • I got my favorite cashier, who is very friendly, price-matches without issues, and admires my coupons rather than scowling at me!

When Shane got home, we did some yard work. And, we discovered our pear trees were blooming!!

Lola had some fun riding her little toy all over the yard.

One of my favorite pictures from the whole week.
I just love my precious, precious little girl.

Lola absolutely loves our three garden stones. Grandma 'Nette has helped each grandchild make one...and it's definitely going to be exciting when it is Lola's turn! She looks at them all the time.

(hard to see, but those are hand prints on the sides of the letters)



That night, for the first time this year, we had one of the kids' favorites for dinner: garlic chive bread!
I love being able to step out my patio door....

....and have fresh herbs at my fingertips. I'm so thankful for a very, very handy husband
who can not only envision something like this, but can also build it for me!
Since the weather has been so wonderful, the herbs have all been growing like, well....weeds!

I transplanted another patch, too--so we'll have plenty this year! 
This will be full grown again (like the picture above) in about one week.

Then, at bedtime, Colin told me about a little girl and little boy in his class who kissed that day at school. Thus led to a long talk....oy. Not quite ready for this stage of life yet!

Tucking Ethan in: " are my super excellent favorite."

Thursday March 22

Paislee Jay was born! My sweet cousin Haley had her baby. Welcome to our family, sweet girl! Pictures will be forthcoming. :)

Lola woke up a very needy girl. I wanted to get a picture of her in these pajamas--I remember shopping for her the day I found out we were having a girl, and these were the pj's I bought! (From Gymboree--on clearance, of course!) She was having none of my wanting to take pictures first thing. :)

However, after a little snuggle time and some banana muffins, she perked up quite a bit!
She decided to take her baby outside for some fun.

Oh...these kids and their hats!

Ethan picked dandelions (this never seems to get old to him!) and 
Lo played with her baby for a loooong time in the yard.

Then we started having....wardrobe malfunctions
This ruined (?) several more pictures! *grin*

Lo, after ditching her baby, decided to help with the picking.

Then it was another morning trip to the park. 
I managed to get one whole picture before my camera battery went dead! 
At least it was a cute one. 

And yes. I do realize that Ethan has worn that shirt three different days this week. I could give you some spiel about 'that's just how it fell during the wash cycle'....or something else....but in all honesty, this a new (to him) shirt, and the kid has been over-the-moon excited about it.  He dug it out of the dirties both Wednesday and Thursday. I chose to make it a non-issue. After all, we shower everyday. He goes to bed clean. :)

That night, we had parent teacher conferences!

Cameron with 'his favorite', Mrs. Winkler....

....and then with her current and former Merritt students!

Cameron showed us his favorite activity in the corn table....

....Lola played in the kitchen....

....and Ethan found some dress up gear.

Pretty sure the littlest two Merritts are just as excited about kindergarten as their two older brothers.

Cameron, gleefully pretending to be on red. This kid is so funny!

We got to see his most recent projects--ah, this is why
 he couldn't stop talking about those leprechauns!

Then it was off to Colin's room, where we had 'student-led' conferences.
I loved this take on the pot of gold idea!

Colin's pot

Colin demonstrating their class' smart board. These things are amazing...they don't 
even use chalkboards at our school anymore! Technology has come so, so far!

It's all touch screen. You can see Colin moving his name to the hot lunch list. 
The kids do this themselves, each morning when they get into their classroom, among other things.

Colin showed us each aspect of his day. He did a great job explaining each area and what it was for.

Then, it was off to the gym to see the classes science fair projects.

One more thing in the gym that was much more exciting to the littles: cookies.

Colin's clay turtle. He made/painted this all by himself and was super proud!

Some of his other projects:
Contraction caterpillar

Spring writing assignment

and creative writing/drawing.

Colin and his sweet teacher, Mrs. Ducey.
I just love this picture!

Ethan was excited to leave because he spied more cookies on the way in and wanted one for himself!

Friday, March 23

Shane was able to take the day off of work. Such a rare treat! We played quite a bit, but were also able to get a lot of work done around the house. We finished up a lot of the little chores that needed to be done to clean up the yard for Spring, and one big one....

....can you guess what it was?

 No, that is not a ball up there that Shane and the boys were chasing! They took the Christmas lights down off of our tree. What a ton of work! Thankfully, it is not quite as bad as putting them up--but they were still up there monkeying around for about 2 hours!

Colin and Cameron both got some good climbing in....

....while Ethan and Lola got to play on the {inherited} four wheelers in the driveway.
Ethan is technically too big for these--but man, you can't tell him that!

Now that she has got the hang of the 'go' button, she loves these things.

 My sweet girlie with just the craziest hair I've ever seen! Sticks out two inches 
from the sides of her head, and then curls straight up! 
I have to giggle at her just about everyday over this hair. :)

All's well until there's a crash....
Lola can make it go, but she definitely doesn't have the hang of steering yet!

 And I started something I'm really excited about and will probably talk more about later--
can you guess?

We had a great day together, and something else happened Friday night....but I want to share about that another day!


Amber E. Berkoski said...

These blog posts are awesome. I know how time consuming they can be so I just wanted to leave a comment and commend you on taking the time. I know when I do it, I can start to think, "is this really worth it?"

But the blogs are a great way to look back at what is going on with your family. And congrats on starting Couch 2 5k!

Leanne said...


Girl, you go!!

Hmm....let's do the super-duper abbreviated comment from me, shall we? You know me and how I can here goes, and let's see how many times I can say LOVE here, okay??

LOVE your camera. Refresh my memory on what kind it is and all of that. The pics are AMAZING. Days outside in beautiful weather are awesome for practicing your technique.

HATE Wal-Mart. I NEVER EVER EVER go there! YUCK!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Lola! I giggled when I saw how generous she was with lovin' on those poor, unloved Chutes and Ladders dudes. She'd fit right in with Lucie!!

My Hubs is handy as all get-up-and-go too, and I'm stealing your herb box idea, okay? Those looked so great! LOVE!

Your mom is beautiful.

Wish I could post pics on my blog and do posts like this....believe it or not, we don't even have a camera!!! ARGH!!! Our computer is way too lame to be able to do something as mundane as posts pics! RRRRR....

Okay, that's all. LOVE these posts. Keep them coming. One day, our family would love to sit around your table and fellowship with you all!