Monday, March 12, 2012

This week, I want to remember: (3/5-3/9)

Monday, March 5

Today, all the kids had no school. We did so much and I took very few, they keep me busy.

ate breakfast
cleaned up the kitchen/dining room
made/decorated/flew paper airplanes
Colin: "I'm in first."

Ethan: "No, I'm in first."

Cameron: "No, I'm in first!"
(This continued for a great stretch of time.)

tidied the boys' room
tidied up the house (they are very good helpers!)
played basketball
played Uno
played Candy Land
ate lunch
played Qwitch
played War

and then,
blessed rest time. Mostly, rest for Mommy. Those kids wear me out!!

Pretty soon it was time for dinner. I was making a new enchilada recipe that I found on Pinterest, so I called in the reinforcements to help me!
  • Cameron shredded the chicken
  • Ethan shredded cheese via the food processor, combined the chicken and cheese, and rolled up the enchiladas, and poured the sauce over the top
  • and Colin made corn cake! All by himself. He read the instructions and followed them perfectly.
They set the table, from start to finish, all by themselves.

They couldn't wait until dinner was done!

Later that night, long after the boys had gone to bed, Cameron woke up crying. We never figured out the problem, but after a few minutes of snuggling, he was back asleep. 

It was sweet...he is much too big for this to happen anymore!

Tuesday, March 6

Both kids woke up crabby and seemingly not feeling so good. 
They were cold, so we snuggled for a bit.

 After a little breakfast and some laundry, we took Lola to my cousin Haley for a much needed hair cut! 
We had to put on Aunt Aimee's hat to cover the craziness!


 Lola loves to sit in the "big girl car". This is actually her third real hair cut.

Haley insists on keeping it short so her niece is not sporting a mullet!
She's been calling her "Lo Dirt" (affectionately, of course!) as of late.
Since she's the professional, I stick with her opinion on this one.
Bye bye snaggles/curlies!

 Off it comes!

Love this shot of Lo watching Haley in the mirror

She loves her Haley!
Thanks Haley, for another great cut. We are glad to leave the redneck behind!

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home, and Ethan picked up a "cool" new tattoo.
I gave him a quarter at the register because he was so helpful in the store, and he decided that he wanted a tattoo with it--the only problem was the tattoos were $.50.  I told him he didn't have enough money, and that he would need to choose something else, when all of a sudden he spied another quarter that was stuck in a different machine! He took his little fingers and pried it right out, and was able to get his tattoo after all. 

The best part of the whole story was what he said on the way to the car:
" gave me one quarter....and God gave me the other quarter!"
(Love the expression of delight on his face here, even if it is blurry!)

Pretty neat, even if I'm not really an ink kind of girl.

The beautiful, warm (mid sixties) day drew out the robins and their quest for worms. 
We watched them for quite awhile. At one point, we counted fourteen of them!

Wednesday, March 7th

Sweet boys. Dressed alike for school again. 
I cry thinking about the day when they are "too cool" to do this!

 Today was the day Lola was scheduled with our doctor for a pre op exam. She was scheduled this past Friday to have a cyst above her right eye removed, so we had to make sure all was well. Ethan took over the camera in the office and snapped this of Lola and I waiting to see our doc.

And then snapped this of himself!

Poor baby had a severe double ear infection that required three shots: one that day (even after Mommy told her "No shots!" because we thought it was going to be a friendly visit), one Thursday, and one Friday. Boo. The surgery ended up being moved to April, so we will cross that bridge next month.

As for Lola, who knows....maybe a doctor herself, some day?

Thursday, March 8th

We had a pretty low key day, due to Lola's doctor visit and subsequent second shot. She wasn't feeling the greatest, so mostly we read, snuggled, and did a whole lot of nothing during the day.  We had tacos for dinner, because we had to get out the door quickly for basketball! All the boys helped.

Ethan shredding cheese (with my help, of course)

Colin setting the table. He takes such pride in his work! 
Always matching the napkins and placemats with whatever plates we are using. 

Cameron did the shells....

...and carefully helped with the meat.

Ethan was in charge of the beans but found it a harder job than he expected! LOL

That night was Colin's last basketball game--and it happened to be against his very best friend in the whole wide world! This deserves a post in itself, so I'll suffice today with just this picture.
Colin and Colden--both number 14!

Ethan told me that night that he needed to sleep with this hat from now on
"It has spikeys to keep stuff away."

Friday, March 9th

I don't know what it is, but I love this picture of Lola. I included it in this post because I thought it really showed her cyst that I talked about above; that is what will be removed (hopefully) next month.
I always think she is beautiful, of course--but really love this picture of my cashew-addicted girl. :)

Ethan sat and colored and made faces at me while I fixed lunch.
This kid never ceases to crack me up!

How I love you, E.

And after school, we did some "yard work". 
MAJOR Yard work!

Thanks to Daddy, that ol' tree came a tumblin' down!