Friday, April 6, 2012

Saturday treat

Last Saturday, we had a lovely family day. We decided to get some work done around the house in the morning, and then that afternoon, take the kids to the movies!

Movies are super expensive--even the bargain shows!--so the boys don't get to go to many. They were very excited when we informed them of what we were doing....

....going to see....

It looks terribly blurry, because we saw the show in 3D! 
The very first one for me (and I will admit, very cool!)

I think Lola with a pair of 3D glasses on is about the cutest thing ever!

She watched the whole thing and kept the glasses on the whole entire time. 

After the movie, we went to Toys R Us. The boys had gotten gift cards for Christmas from my dad and stepmom, and we decided to not let them burn holes in their pockets any longer!

Cameron and Ethan both chose Star Wars things...but Shane and I agreed that the best selection of the whole group was definitely Ethan's choice! He desperately wants to be 'a real Dark Vader' and, thanks to an $11 dollar costume (mask and cape) and a half price red light saber...

....he got his chance.

We are trying to do our best to teach the boys how to be responsible with their money. They lucked out, because the Star Wars things were B1G1 half off....they were able to get TWO things with their gift cards, instead of only one! Cameron chose a white-snow-man-creature-thing and was able to get a blue Luke Skywalker light saber for half price as well.

(You can not imagine how much fun these light sabers have been for the boys!)

Colin chose to spend a little bit of his cleaning money to go a bit over his gift card 
and get the biggest nerf gun I have ever seen. It is almost bigger than he is!

And Lola picked...what else? A new dollie. She had her choice of practically the entire aisle, 
but she insisted on this one. It came with a sling and she "wears" her all around the house! 
She also got the cutest little house toy that folds up and has a little mouse with it. But this 
girl is certainly partial to her babies.

This is how she was sitting while watching a Veggie the other day. All on her own. It just amazes me sometimes how girls don't have to learn to be girly or mothery...they just are.

Thank you Dad and Amy for their gifts! They love them and helped contribute nicely to our wonderful day together as a family.  We ALL love you!