Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This week, I want to remember: (3/26-3/30)

(This post is a bit later than usual....but I couldn't let a week slip by without recording our special moments!)

Monday, March 26

Spring break is here! The boys were full of energy and begged me to take them on a nature walk.

 Even though it was considerably colder than it has been here lately, we bundled up and went anyway.

They love to scale our neighbor's retaining wall...even Mommy's expressed uncertainty doesn't deter!

We walked down to our creek....

...and checked out the happenings.

The boys were very careful to watch out for their sister.

Colin, showing Lola the wonders of her very first "blowing flower".
I'm sure our neighbors appreciated those dandelion seeds all over his lawn.

Ethan, holding Lo's hand. The boys are so protective of her.

We went to our "spikey-bomb" tree and collected....

....tons and tons.

Even Lo got a few!

Col snapped this of me and LoLo....

....and then we managed to all squeeze in!

We came home quite a while later and decided to "have a picnic" and watch one of our favorite movies.

Name it!

Then, Monday night, Shane and I had a chance to go out to dinner just the two of us. 
It was a very nice treat.

Tuesday, March 27

Tuesday, the boys invited their cousin over to play--this is Paislee's big brother, Mason. 
They had a great time playing for hours in the yard, 
and this was pretty much the extent of our whole day.

Colin, Ethan, Mason, and Cameron

Wednesday, March 28

Wednesday the kids woke up to a surprise--Mommy broke down and bought a giant bag of their favorite marshmallow cereal. Apparently, in kids' terms, they hit the lottery.

Lo munched for a while....and after a few minutes, I went to check on her.
She didn't want Mommy looking in her bowl!

Where are the marshmallows, you ask? Well, Lola ate all of those first and then begged for "more". 
I told her I would give her more cereal when she ate what was in her bowl, but she refused. 
She just wanted more marshmallows!

Exhibit A of why I don't like to give my kids sugary cereals very often! *giggle*

Blech. All I have to say.....but Wednesday late morning, I broke down and took the children 
to the germplace playplace at that food place that rhymes with pickdonalds.
Lola was very enthralled with Ronald.

The kids really did have a blast, and that was all that mattered to me!
Cam and E up in the bubbles

Lo, after coming down on the slide

Col and E in the tunnels

Cameron gave me a big hug when we got in the car and thanked me for the funnest day ever. :) 
Love that kid.

That night, we had a great coupon, so Daddy said we could go out for pizza! 
Ethan decided he was going to be silly for the camera....

....and it was catching.

Wait...she's warming up....

There it is!

Colin even snapped one of Mom and Dad.

Thursday, March 29

We decided a trip to the library was in order. The kids always love picking out books and playing with toys, and we were there a couple of hours.

We came home and the boys got straight to work: 
making pictures from the Star Wars book they checked out.

Cameron, working so hard drawing

They were at this for a loooonng time

Lo had fun coloring the pictures after the boys drew them :)

E and Col

We did something else on Thursday, and Lo was my big helper--any idea what it might have been?

Thursday afternoon, Colin's best friend Colden came over, and the boys played for several hours. 
They really amaze me, how much they can go and go and go and not get tired!

Friday, March 30

It was a time of war. :)

The boys decided to dress up and play "Army".
May I just say that it is impossible for Ethan to look mean, even when he is trying?
This child is just too cute.

Cameron, in stake out mode

Col was so funny--hiding, behind the lilac bushes, in wait for Ethan.

He got a glimpse of him and charged!

But apparently, Ethan won that battle.

They went from singles to teams....and back again.

I think Colin just liked falling down :)

The boys decided to ambush Col from behind the a/c.

....but somehow, it didn't work out how they'd hoped!

Then Lola tried to get in on the action. Since all the army gear was used up, they dressed her up in the next best thing. It's a couple decades off, but still protective fighting gear, right?

They playing live army turned to playing with army men....

...and Lo quickly ditched them for something more girly.

The kids spent most of the day out in the yard, just playing and enjoying being together.

We had such a great spring break week--we were all sad to see it come to an end!


Aim said...


oh and seriously? Marshmallow cereal AND McD's all in the same day? what were you feeling like winning mommy of the year? Wow... ;) nice.