Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

At the end of May, we had another special night in our family--a Kindergarten Graduation for my sweet Cameron!

He was all smiles and couldn't wait to get there. 
He knew at the end of the night, he would be a big first grader!

The night started off well, but I could tell Cam was a little nervous. We have found that he is very shy when he is up in front of people, and I just hoped all would go okay for the program.

Getting ready to start

Mrs. Winkler introducing the class. She had a lot of wonderful things to say 
about Cameron's class, and that is always a good thing to hear!

Then, it was time for the class to perform a song that they sang every morning. And that is where the stage frightened side of Cameron came right out. The music began....and though all the other children did really well, he....slowly.....crumbled.

He recovered all right, just pretty much not singing when they did their other songs, but it was fine. You could hear the "poor buddy" 's and "awww, sweet little guy" 's from the moms and dads around the room!

Then it was time for the coveted diplomas!! You can see on his face that he was still nervous.

Mrs. Winkler told him what a great job he did and how she loved having him as a student. :)

That seemed to make him feel better!
Ready to turn those tassels now!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Cameron the first grader!!

Cameron and his friends (from left) Gabby, Jared, Kiley, and Cheyenne.
Proud little kiddos!

Cameron and Kiley

I don't know if Cam was more excited to be a first grader, or more excited that the program was over. :)

The fam. So proud of our sweet guy.

Cake. Cake always makes one feel better.

Cameron and his little buddy Waylon. 
I see these two in mounds of trouble for years to come! lol

Mrs. Winkler--Cameron's "favorite teacher ever", according to him.

I could not be more excited to see what the future holds for
my special, sweet, caring and super unique second child!

On the way out, we crossed paths with the school janitor, and Cam just had to show him his diploma!

We love you so much Cameron! I believe there are amazing things in store for you, 
and I am so thankful to be able to be there for such a special milestone in your life. 
Happy Kindergarten Graduation!


. said...

Oh poor Cam!! I had tears in my eyes watching the video, I never would have guessed your goofy little guy would have stage fright! Love how he showed the janitor his diploma, my kids do that too. Ha-haa