Monday, August 27, 2012

4th place in Rookies !

In one way, baseball season seemed very long....and in another way, it absolutely flew by!

The boys had a wonderful season.
They finished FOURTH in the whole league--a fantastic accomplishment!

The boys after their last season game, receiving their trophies.
Colin, Mr. Calm and Collected :)

Some excited and happy boys!

As great as our "fans" were, and as nice as the trophies were, I truly think that the REAL award
should have gone to the siblings! Those sweet babies were there every single game, 
cheering their brothers on. They deserved an award too, in my book!

Grandma Jane and our crew

And, of course....can't forget the best friend.
Love these two sillies!

Thanks for a wonderful season Mud Hens--it was so much fun and we are proud of your accomplishments!


Anonymous said...

What precious pictures! It sounds like it was a wonderful season!