Friday, October 19, 2012

All you ever wanted to know about my soccer players

I am, most always, behind the camera.

Last weekend, at our soccer games, my hubby (and a good friend) took my place so that I could have a few precious pictures WITH my children.

I am so grateful!

We have just had the best time at the fields this year, and I have been thankful for the fun and for the character development that soccer has produced in our boys.  Many folks aren't familiar with the real, true "football" but fall in love once they play, coach, or watch their kids. It is a wonderful team sport and I would encourage everyone to try it at least once! 

Lola and I have had a ball together on the sidelines each and every week, yelling for our boys!

Little Cameron--who doesn't look the most thrilled in the picture--is generally one very happy soccer player!  He has had an amazing year. Cam is naturally athletic, but is not the greatest distance runner.  He does struggle with endurance a bit (and soccer is mostly running and all about endurance!) He was placed (by Shane, who is his coach) at the goalie position this year, and he and his defense have not allowed one single goal all season long. Considering he is the only goalie in the league (across EVERY age group, up to 14-year-olds, both girls and boys) who has managed to pull that off, I am a pretty proud goalie-momma!!

His team is currently 6-0, with 2 games to be played this weekend.

Oh, Ethan. This boy brings such determination to the field. He is, like his brothers, naturally athletic--yet he is very different from them.  Ethan is a passer, which is so rare at this age. He is so lucky to have brothers (and his Daddy) who are older to help teach him skills that are far beyond his level.  He has a knowledge and feel for the is SO fun to watch him! He doesn't score as much as his brothers did at this age. He seems to have a real feel for defense, and usually hangs back a bit--so he has stopped quite a few opposing goals, which is great!

He has had a winning season, as well: 5-0.

Colin. My little star. Of course, all our children are stars in our eyes, right? Colin also has a natural athletic ability--which, of course, we believe was given by a God (to all three of our boys!) who loves him so very much. He usually plays mid-field, which means he can go as far forward as he needs to and also can assist on defense when needed. He has scored several times, assisted many others, and also stopped a few goals. This is his first year at the U10 level, and he has definitely risen to the challenge. 

His team is also 6-0, with two more games to go this weekend.

10 years ago, I could have never imagined being as blessed as I am today.  There are many, many hard days in which I struggle, thinking:
"I can't do this!"
"I am not Mom enough!"
"Their needs are too much!"
"I am not the parent I need to be for them!"
"Why do I fail so much more than I succeed?!"

But I know that my walk as a mother, a daughter, a wife, and most importantly a child of 
the King is a process.  It is two steps forward, one and seven eighths step back, correct?! 
I will keep plugging along, each new day that comes to me.

Because they are worth it.


Leanne said...

Yes, and Amen, and yes and amen again!!

"A Process"


And you and Lola Girl are the cutest patooties ever!!!!

Mary Ann said...

You have had quite the soccer season! And I agree across the board - their abilities are God-given & I'm thankful you've found such a great outlet for developing those abilities. And yes! it's a process. I am in constant need of that reminder. Thank you for giving me that truth again today :-)