Monday, October 22, 2012

Annual tree photos

Two weeks ago, I began my annual quest for "tree pictures" for the kids. I took these shots on a Sunday after church, and liked them, but I didn't love them.

Our tree was starting to turn, but just wasn't there quite yet; the leaves were beginning to yellow, but weren't exactly the color I wanted. Plus, the day was grayish, not as sunny as I would have liked....combine those couple of things together, and I just didn't get the shots I quite wanted (even though I really liked them!)

Colin, just a few days from being nine years old

Ethan, five and a half

Cameron, just turned seven years old

Lola, two and a half

Did I say I really liked them? I did! I just did not love love love them like I was hoping to.

Fast forward to yesterday. Another Sunday, right after church; and a gorgeous sun-filled day! AHH!! The beauty of fall had smacked our wonderful tree, and now, now I got my pictures!

Colin (who can stop growing any day now....)

Cameron (with the official toothless grin)

Ethan (oh....melt my heart)

and Lolee girl. My darling daughter....

.....(laughing at her Daddy) who, as much as I tried....

.....I could not pick a favorite of these three shots!

(And, it's a good thing I didn't wait one more day....because 
after a wind/rainstorm this morning, this is what my tree looks like today!)


Leanne said...

Devin, I have so loved following your blog and getting a peek at how fast your boys are growing! Plus, in my mind, you're a Boy Mama, and that fascinates me, since I'm a Girl Mama! Lol!

The tree is spectacular! Colin's hair beautifully matches the leaves too....your kids are so gorgeous!

Thanks for posting!