Monday, February 11, 2013

Sick Sick Sick

We have suffered through quite a bit of sickness in our home over the past six/eight weeks. Well....suffered....that's harsh, I suppose.

Suffering is dirt floors, starving bellies, tin roofs; malaria or AIDS.

One at a time, each taking their turn, the boys and Lola went down. Just when we thought we were done, it came back around and started all over, taking them one by one yet again.  And then, a third time; this one, a completely different bug with new symptoms.  Thankfully, puke wasn't one of them that round. And then again....last night....Lola. A. GAIN.

In truth, I've been given a gift with the sickness.  It was hidden, and I had to dig a bit for it, but boy, I sure did enjoy it once it was found.

As the mother of sick children, I was given the gift of stopping without guilt.

I don't know about others, but I have a difficult time slowing down. My life is busy, what with (how many children do I have? Whoa) and a entrepreneurial, hard working husband who works sometimes many, many  hours so that we can enjoy many of life's wonderful pleasures. Not the least of which is the opportunity that he has given me to stay home with all of my babies from the time they were born until that dreaded day in August--when I have cried as I watched them leave me for the excitement of Kindergarten.

I enjoy staying home. I am happiest in my kitchen.  I fancy myself a decent (alright, pretty good), organized housekeeper and a fairly good cook. There is constantly something to be done to keep my family (and all that comes along with them) running smoothly. I don't need to list; you all know what those things are, and I'm sure between all of us, we could be here all day naming the things that keep us working from sun up till sun down (and most days, well beyond those hours).

There is so much to do that often, I feel guilty just enjoying my precious daughter during the day. Sitting means the other stuff isn't getting done.

Playing beauty shop. Doing nails. Watching Tinkerbell or Tangled or Veggie Tales. Playing Uno or Blink or dollhouse or "hold me like a baby" or dress up with the baby dolls. Reading.

That list could go on and on as well.

But being sick, especially when it hit me, has forced my hand. I had to stop. I had to be still, because it just hurt too bad to move too much!

And I found it was wonderful.

We did all of those things, and more. We laughed. We discovered some new things. We just enjoyed each other. And I said the words, "The house is kind of a wreck" to Shane as he came home from work more times than I probably have in the last year combined. He didn't seem to mind. He's awesome like that.

(Truth is, he has seen the value in my "being still" for some time and has been gently, patiently trying to work me toward it. Told you. Awesome.)

I've decided it was high time that I make more of an effort to live this way--even when my body (or theirs) isn't necessarily forcing me.

So, I've made my confession. I've said it before and I know I will say it again: I'm not a perfect mom.  How about you--do you struggle with this, and if so, how do you find your balance?