Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lola reading

I can recite most of "Go Dog! Go!" without looking.

Same goes for Hooper Humperdink, One Fish Two Fish, Hand Hand Fingers Thumb (a small list of Lola's current favorites)....oh, the list could go on.

There are probably parents out there that can do that with "Goodnight, Moon" or "I'll Love You Forever" (most heart wrenching book on the planet, by the way--don't go into that one unprepared, moms! Read it through first, compose yourself, and then attempt reading to the kiddos. *grin*).

You know what I'm talking about--that handful of books that your child just wants to read over and over.

This one has been read so many times that, not only does Mommy know it by heart, so does Lola!

I love it! (And please don't judge me on dress code or girly hair violations. This was a "Lola gets to dress herself" day, and she picked a pajama top and a tutu. Of course she did.)



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