Friday, August 17, 2007

And the funnies continue....

Remember that teaching I am working on with Colin about being thankful and grateful for things?

The other day, my mom was asking Colin about having another sibling (please no one get any ideas on this--SHE, may I make it clear, is the one hoping for a new baby--I'm all good for now, thanks.) This was the conversation...

Mom: "Colin, wouldn't you like to have a new baby in the house?"
Colin: "Sure!"
"Would you like a new baby brother?"
"How about a new baby sister?"
Long pause........"No, I don't think so......."
"No baby sister?"
"Well, why not?"
"Well................(long pause, thinking, trying to come up with exactly the right words to describe just how he was feeling)................I'm just not grateful for a baby sister."

At least he was honest.


Unknown said...

ok.. how cute is that! YOU should seriously send that in somewhere. Maybe a friday funny for the Girl Talk blog. So cute. I can picture him doing that whole thing too! Don't feel bad if you ever do have a girl. Ian never wanted one either until he saw Sydney at the hospital. He quickly got over it.

The Boe's ~ said...

So do you want another one already???????????

Karie said...

They really are fun Colin, I promise. Remember your baby sister, Reese. I think she would like some female blood in the family.