Thursday, August 9, 2007

More Colin funnies...

For those of you who appreciate Colin's (or any child's, for that matter) sense of humor, here are some more....

A couple of days ago, I was finally dusting my living room. I do pride myself on keeping a relatively neat and clean house, however, dusting is not one of my strong points. Living in construction means constantly living with a fine, white, powdery dust that just clings to I figure, why dust just to dust again? Right? I mean, that's my logic anyway....I just let it build up and build up until basically, you can't see the TV anymore, and then I give in. LOL. Actually, I try to let Shane finish a project and then I dust, because if I try to dust during a project, then the next day everything is just covered again...see where I am going with this?? It is just a futile effort.

The boys were being very good, and so I decided to let them watch a veggie tale video. They were both sitting on the couch, watching, and I was dusting my way through the house. I came to the living room, and finally to the entertainment center. I have been working with Colin about manners (as previously stated) for quite some time, and he really is very mannerly most of the time....saying please, and thank you, excuse me and may I....those sorts of things.

So, here I was, dusting, and of course, dusting the entertainment center means that I am standing (for quite some time) right in front of the television. I know that I was blocking the TV, but of course, I couldn't help it.

Colin begins, "Can you.................Can you please...............Mom, may you....................May you please................PLEASE you are in the way." I just giggled, and turned around and said, "There really was no polite way of saying that, was there buddy?" with a smile on my face. He then smiled too, and we both resorted to laughing. I quickly finished up and got myself OUT of the way!

And yesterday........

We (not just Shane and I, but Colin and Cameron too--NO kidding) have become quite attached to a burger joint near Westville called Gross' Burgers. Now, this place is owned by a couple with the last name of GROSS, hence the name. The name should be pronounced "Grosses burgers", but of course, we never do that--we just usually say, "you wanna stop and get a gross burger?" or something along those lines. I think we have maybe eaten there 4 times in the last 2-3 weeks, it is THAT good. (I really don't NOT cook, but we have been swimming over at my aunt's house a lot and it is on the way home from her house.....I just can't help stopping!) And the boys, who never eat a hamburger anywhere else, each polish off 1/2 of a mozzarella burger and tons of garlic fries, and just love it--Cameron will say "buh-buh pease!! Fi pease!!" It is so cute.

So yesterday, since the heat index in Catlin was 109 degrees--not kidding on that one--I took the boys over to Aunt Karen's to swim again (with the help of my mother, since Shane had an evening side job--THANKS MOM!!) and we all left around 7:30 for home. We were all hungry, and my mom asked, "Where should we eat?" Colin pipes up from the back seat, "I want a ............Guh...........a Gruh.............a yucky burger." Not getting exactly what he meant right away, I said, "You want a what?" and he said again, "a yucky burger." I thought for just a second and then realized...."OHHHH, you mean a GROSS burger??" and he said, "YEAH!!"

How is that for smart? :-)