Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vacation--Day two and three in pictures

Okay, I don't have a ton of pictures from day two--Thursday. That was because we sort of had a mellow day....we hung out at the house for most of the morning, then went and did a little shopping and had lunch with Deanna. Deanna had to pick up Mckinley from school right about the same time that the boys needed to nap, so we went home and I took care of nap time, while Shane went golfing with Alan. After they got home we had dinner and just hung out together! I think this is the only shot I got from that day--Alan and Ethan cuddling together! (I get the pretty strong feeling that Deanna and Alan LOVED having the boys around....)

Friday was an exciting day for all of us--an adventure to Silver Dollar City! (For REAL, this time.) It was the greatest place--I loved it and can't wait to go back! Shane was worried, because he has talked it up to me so much over the years, that it wouldn't be as great as he remembered from childhood and I would be disappointed. This was the place his Gram and Papa always took him and his brothers when they were little, so he has really fond memories of the place. He shouldn't have worried, though--it was great! They had great rides for the kids (and kids at heart--seriously, it was like Shane was 10 again) and lots of cool little shops, attractions like shows and singing groups, and tons of great places to eat! We did rides for a little while, then ate, then hit the rides again. Then we went over the water section of the park--boy did everyone love that!

Cameron, Colin and Ethan--getting ready to enter the park

Shane and Cameron riding the frogs

Colin and Mckinley on the frogs

Gram and Ethan--enjoying watching everyone!

Colin riding the caterpillars

Shane and Cameron on the caterpillars

Colin, Mckinley, and Cameron enjoying the water area!

Giant water area with lots of spray features and soaker guns!

The boys and Mckinley were SOAKED....

But Mommy and Ethan stayed nice and dry!!

Then we went to a giant ball area....they had these soft, foam-like balls that you could suck thru vacuums, shoot out of cannons, aim at targets--or at each other :-)--and inside there were climbing things and was really neat and the boys could have stayed in there forever!

Cameron and Alan with the vacuum, Colin with the cannons
Colin, Mckinley, and Alan--all holding hands, heading to the next destination!

Ethan--still happy!!

Colin, exploring--he found a bridge with water underneath

Cameron was pooped--more so than we thought, because all of sudden, we looked down and he was hunched over in the stroller, fast asleep! He woke up easily, however, when we stopped for ice cream! :-)

It was almost closing time by then, and so we headed toward the exit....stopping at the candy store along the way for homemade fudge and peanut brittle (and a few other treasures as well). I found a couple of gift shops 6 p.m., we finally had made our way back to the car and headed home. The boys certainly had NO trouble sleeping that night!

They were SOOOO cute sleeping in the same bed!

What an absolutely great day it was!


Karie said...

Are you glad your home? Or are you? I can't wait to go down there as well. Jay and I went down to Silver Dollar City for our 1st year anniversary (I am a sucker for those types of places, i.e. Disney World as well), and we had a blast.