Friday, September 7, 2007

Poor 3rd child


Many of you know that my poor Ethan suffers from 3rd child new clothes (why should I buy him new clothes when he can wear the clothes Colin and Cameron have outgrown?), no new toys, no baby calendar charting when he did what for the first time (although I have kept track of that on my regular calendar--I am not THAT bad), hardly anything written in his baby book.....poor, poor 3rd child! Here is just another example....he didn't have his first official pictures taken until he was 6
months old! I thought I was bad with Cameron, not taking them until he was 3 months, but poor Ethan was even worse! But, we finally had them done and they really did turn out great. I thought I would post them so all of you can see!

This last one I really like.....the lady took several of the shots and made a collage out of them!

Seven months old already....where has the time gone?


Unknown said...

those pics are so cute! I saw them a while ago but I forgot what they looked like. I'll have to update my frames here soon! my last one of him is a hospital shot.

Stephanie said...

Totally adorable! I know what you mean - I am so much worse with recording Isaiah's milestones than Elijah's!

Grandma MJ said...

I love those pic's of Ethan! He is the cutest, happiest baby and he actually smiles like that all the time, not just in pictures. They say 3 times a charm but you two get it right every time :)!!

Devin said...

Aim, Real live pics are on their way to you! Steph--just wait till the 3rd! :-) THANKS MOM!!