Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It gets the dirt off

For this, you may possibly think I am a bad mother:

I really do not enjoy giving my sons baths.

I always hear about people having these wonderfully serene routines at night with their children, and most of the time, the routines sound something like this:
"I cook dinner and we eat together as a family, then we play together for a while, then I give them a bath, brush their teeth, read them a book or two, and then it is lights out!"

I do all of that, too. I cook dinner almost every night, and we sit down together to eat as a family. It is usually eventful, and always loud. But, we manage to fill our bellies and enjoy each other all at the same time, which is the ultimate goal. Shane and I usually play or take a bike ride with the boys (or something else they find fun) after dinner, and then the child cleanup portion of the evening begins. Cameron eats at least three meals a day, and generally after every meal, he looks something like this:

That was lunch, which ended with chocolate pudding. Yes, he feeds himself.

Colin is nowhere near as bad (see above), and neither is Ethan, but between all of the events of the day, they all usually need a good end-of-the-day hose down.

Maybe it is because I have boys, and they are ultra rowdy in the tub. I end up wearing 3/4 of the bath water by the time I have managed to thoroughly clean all three boys. I always feel like I am never letting them have any fun in the tub, and I know the tub should be a fun place for them....but I can't help it. Here is a sampling of one minute of giving them a bath:

"Colin, please don't pour water over Cameron's head. Cami, don't splash so hard, please! Watch out for Ethan, guys. Cami, please don't splash SO HARD! Colin, stand up so I can wash you." Colin: "But Mommy, I am cold!" Me: "I know you are cold, just stand up for just a second so I can wash you really quickly, and then you can sit down in the warm water again. Guys, watch out for Ethan! Cameron, STOP splashing so hard!! The water is going all over the floor! Here, Colin, let me rinse you. Okay, sit down and let me wash Cameron. Cami, please stand up so Mommy can wash you.......stand up, Cameron........Cameron, stand up!!! Okay, now hold still a second. Colin, please don't splash Ethan! Cameron, don't sit yet, you aren't clean! Okay, all clean, let me rinse you. Okay, sit down, all done! Your turn again, Colin, let me wash your hair please....I know you are cold, you can get back under the water in a second. Cameron--if you don't stop splashing so hard you are in big trouble!!"

All the while, trying to make sure Ethan isn't going under the water. And this is just one minute of the 20 or so. *sigh*

We have turned to showers instead. I know it may seem funny to give such little ones a shower, but it really works for us and keeps me MUCH drier, and more importantly, MUCH saner.

Here are a few shots from last night's shower--and miraculously, NONE of them are R-Rated!

Ethan loves this ducky


They really do enjoy the showers......more importantly, SO do I!! I finally enjoy the end of the night clean up time again. It is so cute to watch all three of them playing under the running water. Thank the Lord for those wonderful glass doors that keep all of that water inside the tub and not on the floor--splash all you want, boys!!!


Unknown said...

So funny Dev but I am afraid in that reinactment you forgot "Shaanneee"!!!!! "I need you" That is why Rog is in charge of giving luke a bath. I feel I do that with just him!

Karie said...

That's so funny. I can't believe how well they sit in there with the water all over their face. I just started Reese in a swimming class (I go in with her) because she is terrified of the water without her bath ring. So, I have decided to hopefully get her to love the water by doing lessons. We'll see.

Stephanie said...

I am shocked that this method works for you. I too hate showers and so it has become Daddy's job. (I won't lie - if left up to me, the kids get sponge bathed and only take "real" baths every couple of nights - Gary is a stickler for every night - that is how he ended up getting the job!)
But the shower - both of my kids HATE it - I think the water coming down scares them.
Cute pictures!

Stephanie said...

PS- I meant to say that I too hate giving baths - not showers...confusing in my last post!

Aunt Pat said...

I was going to suggest the shower idea. Glad you figured it out. My great nephews love the shower! I've babysat for them and they will play in the shower for quite awhile! It works wonderfully. Have fun and enjoy the boys--before you know it they will be young men, and they won't take too kindly to mom in the shower area! Have a great day!

The Boe's ~ said...

Hilarious! I can SO relate with 3 boys, but right now its just as bad with just Jordan and Jared, since Jaden is only 4 months--but thanks for preparing me for when they all 3 get in :-) haha...
I too can't stand giving baths....aghhhh, but I must say it is getting better with all the splashing and the 2 inches of water on the floor each time!!! Jared sits up on the edge of the tub and falls in, repeatedly... where did he learn to do that I ask myself? JUST BOYS!!! I also hear that we will all miss the "bath-time events" when they are older....lol

The Boe's ~ said...

Wow I also must admit you did GREAT on the camera shots as well--nothing shows (if you know what I mean) :)---Jason always gets on me about taking bath pictures and not hiding their you-know-whats I seriously try to, but sometimes forget!!! I just say its to blackmail them when they get older..hee hee