Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On the mend--finally

A short post today, but one I thought many of you would want to see--we here at the Merritt house are, for the most part, much better.

All three boys have some lingering symptoms, but we all made it thru a very difficult week! I HATE tummy bugs....even more so now, after watching my three poor boys suffer thru one!

We did have our birthday party Saturday night, and fortunately, were able to have a great time. I promise to post pics of the event soon!

Thank you ALL so much for your kind words and prayers!!


Stephanie said...

GOOD news. I am so glad. I know it sounds crazy - but those tummy bugs can be traumatic events for boys and mommies. Elijah cries and cries and right before he "spits up" he starts screaming and getting really upset. It is AWFUL... Thank the Lord, Gary handles it well, because I usually go in a different room and lose it or a minute or two and then come back and hold him.
Anyway, I am glad you guys are getting better and that you had your party.