Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our Thanksgiving week

We had a great time in Chicago for the annual Merritt Family Thanksgiving. We came home Monday night--it was a long but very fun week. I am posting a ton of pics--here are many of the events of our pictures!!

The day before Thanksgiving....hanging out with all the cousins!
Cameron, doing what he does best....cheesing
Luke, eating one of Gram's chocolate chip cookies
Colin, helping Daddy play Monopoly with Uncle Rog and Uncle Jay
Ethan, helping everyone open their presents from Aunt Deanna (or, in other words, eating everyone's wrapping paper)

Thanksgiving morning:
Aunt Karie and ReeseIt was snowing outside, and the kids loved that!I love this shot--all three actually smiling! With 33 people at Lynette and Roger's house, Colin was apparently feeling a little cramped--I went looking for him and discovered him in the back bathroom, inside the whirlpool tub, reading a book in the peace and quiet....Ethan's first bite of real mashed potatoes.....I'm not so sure that he liked them!

The day after Thanksgiving--downtown Chicago at the Museum of Science and Industry
My two little clowns
Colin, climbing the tractor Colin and Cameron, driving the combineColin and Daddy in front of the U-505 submarine exhibitColin and Cameron loved the boat section!Later that night.....Ethan playing patty cake with DeannaRoll 'em........
Sunday morning:
All of the kids in front of the Christmas tree at Lynette and Roger's churchSunday night--exchanging presents with Jay/Karie/Reese and Roger/Aimee/Luke
Cameron's new pants.....Colin's new shirt....
Reese's new coat.....Ethan's new shirt and toy..... Luke's new Cubs hat..... How big are you Ethan?
Soooooo big!!

It was a great week, and spending time with our family that we don't see often was wonderful. We have so much to be thankful for!


Unknown said...

hey great pics dev! I knew you would have many good ones!

The Boe's ~ said...

I love the one with Colin in the tub cute and great pictures! I also can't believe there were 33 at Lynette and Rogers! Wow, that had to so fun for them and you all! My mom can never have all 5 of us kids home at the same time. Sad, it just never works out with everyones schedule. You guys are blessed to get to be together like that! Take care!

Unknown said...

hey dev, I keep getting the best kick out of colin in the tub! I can't believe you never told me about that! do you think he was maybe a bit stressed with everyone there too? hillarious!!! I love it!

Stephanie said...

Looks like so much fun. Lots of boys in that family (I can relate as Gary's side of the family is the same way). BTW, I like Reese's name! :)