Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Brotherly love

I am so blessed to live in a multiple-child house. My boys, like all children, have their "moments", but for the most part, they are really soooo good with each other.

This was the scene at my house last night: I had 14 things going on at once--typical--so I fixed a crying Ethan a bottle and laid him down on a blanket on the living room floor. I rushed to grab the ringing phone....and 2 minutes later came back into the room to find Colin and Cameron both lying there on the blanket with him....just as snuggly as could be.

Colin was singing to him, and "helping" him hold his bottle (Ethan really can do it all by himself, but Colin takes pride in being a very helpful big brother)......

......and Cameron was rubbing his belly.

Both boys, being cuddly with their baby brother

Soooooo cute, I could hardly stand it. I managed to sneak into my office, grab my camera, and snap a couple shots before they realized I was watching. The moment was fleeting, however, because Eagle-Eye Colin spotted me lurking in the corner snapping away. It was so cute while it lasted!


Rachel said...

I came across your blog by reading your comment on Mary Grace's Blog. Your comment stuck out to me as I have had five miscarriages but am blessed to have two sweet girls here to hold in my arms. I just wanted to say that I am praying for you as your heart continues to heal and I understand the fear of trying for a baby after a loss.

I also identified with your post about Blog jumping since that is how I found your blog and I began reading Copeland's blog when she was about one day old and since then have been keeping up with many of the other T-18 babies and also just added links on my blogs of these babies that I pray for. I showed my husband your post and told him I am not the only one that blog jumps and that you have been touched by the short lives of these tiny babies and the amazing faith of their parents.

Kara said...

How cute are they! I know my two do that rarely, but when they do it is so sweet! Here's to more moments like that with our sweet boys!


Paul Fuller said...

I love those moments!! Grace upon grace upon grace given so freely!

Karie said...

That is so cute Dev, how are you guys doing? We miss you all so much, Reese is constantly looking at the boys' pictures and asking about them, hopefully sometime soon we'll be able to see you guys. Maybe someway we can get up to the cabin, who knows. It would be nice.