Friday, January 25, 2008

Very Veggie Fun

This past Saturday, Shane and I did something that we have never done before with the boys--took them to their very first movie! It was the Veggie Tales movie called,
"The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything." ***actual film footage***

It was so exciting. For months now, Colin has been looking forward to this. Literally--I mean like, for three months. We saw a preview for this movie on one of the new Veggie DVD's that the boys got for their birthdays (in October). We explained to the boys that this was going to be a real movie--one that plays in a theatre with a screen that is as big as our living room--and of course, ever since, Colin couldn't wait to see it.

(And Cameron just does whatever Colin does, so technically, he couldn't wait to see it either.)

My mom was so gracious in giving up half of her Saturday to watch baby Ethan so we could do this (thanks again a million mom!)

We had to drive over to Savoy (about 45 minutes or so), but it was worth it. The boys could hardly contain their excitement!

Our entire family was actually able to get in to the movie completely free--we had two free passes (one given to us--thanks Tim and Sarah!--and one we got for purchasing the sing-along that goes with the movie). Shane and I were expecting to pay for ourselves, since the tickets were supposed to admit one child, but the super generous ticket man decided that Colin and Cameron both looked 'little enough' to let in for free! He said he would count the child passes for our admittance--YAY!
Then, we had a coupon for a really cheap popcorn/drink deal--we got a huge bag of popcorn and a drink for $3.04--another YAY! (I really wanted to do the whole 'movie experience', so I was so glad to have had this coupon!) A very expensive day was made a little cheaper by coupons--that's always a good thing!

Here's Daddy and the boys, just before heading into the movie (that's Daddy's hat that Cameron insisted on wearing, by the way):

Then it was mommy's turn for a picture:

Heading up to the stadium seating.....oooooh

The instant the boys sat down and actually saw the huge screen, they were mesmorized!

Munching some popcorn

We love the Veggies!!

Needless to say, the boys loved the movie (and if you are a mom looking for a GREAT family movie to take your kids to--this one is a winner, hands down!) Afterwards, to end our special day, we took Colin and Cameron to Chili's for a late lunch.

We took a couple of pictures there, too--Cameron snapped this one himself!

The first big boy outing to the movies was a complete success!


jillybean said...

you & your guys are so cute! :)

Julie said...

Wow, sounds like you had a good time! We rarely go to the movies as a family, since when everyone is home there are seven of us (gets a little pricey!). Thanks for the "review" of the movie - we love Veggie Tales at our house and I was wondering if the new movie was any good!