Monday, March 10, 2008

Colin's invention

What is it they say about necessity is the mother of all invention?

Well, when it's freezing outside, and you can't go to the make the park come to you.

As Colin has figured out.....

You take one ordinary Gazelle

You take the cushion from one ordinary glider

You add some imagination, and you've created a park swing!

The 'seat' of this park swing can also be removed to create a jungle gym.

Shane and I both thought this was the funniest thing, when we walked into the office to discover what Colin had 'invented.' So far, it has provided literally hours of entertainment for the two of them! The boys both have a major case of least, if we aren't able to get out to the jungle gyms and swings at the park just yet, we can have one right here in the house!


Stephanie said...

Good idea! I should dust my Gazelle off and see what my boys can do! :)

Kara said...

they are so creative! I would love to send some of our warmer weather to I type it is 77 degrees. Caden had to get a t-0shirt and flip flops on he was sooooooooo hot playing outside (dramatic, you think!)

The Boe's ~ said...

That is so hilarious!!!!!!!! Love their great minds!!