Friday, October 30, 2009

You have to love those misprounced words

Cameron, having brushed his teeth about one hour before:

"Mom, I have to brush my teeth again."

Me: "Honey, you already brushed your teeth this morning. You don't need to brush them again."

Cameron opens his mouth wide, looks in the mirror, examines his pearly whites and says:

"But I still see some scavities in there."

Thursday, October 29, 2009

That's MY paci. MINE.

I have wanted to post this particular series of photos forever.

Yet, I never have.

Mostly it's because
I'm lazy I didn't want to have to take the pictures out of the frame they are in in my bedroom and scan them to my computer. It always seemed like so much work.

And bending those thingys that keep the backing attached to the wooden frame always hurts my fingers.

However, I overcame all that today and thought, "I'm gonna do it anyway."

It apparently just wasn't meant to be.
After bending 12 of those thingys back and tearing my delicate fingers to shreds while I was at it; and please, don't even say to me "Why don't you just go and get a flat head screwdriver to lift those up?" because the screwdriver is all the way in the kitchen drawer, and I'm waaaaaay too lazy to walk all the way down there.... I was finally inside the frame.

I peeled off the backing, went to take the pictures out to scan and, much to my dismay, the top photo was
stuck to the glass by some unknown sticky substance. When I tried to pull, the picture was pulling away from the paper backing, and I was starting to downright panic at the thought of destroying one of my favorite series of photos ever just for the sake of putting it on my blog decided that I would just do the old fashioned thing: leave the pictures in the frame, and take a picture of a picture.

The quality's terrible, but I'm trudging forth anyway. They're still the cutest ever. E-ver.

When Colin was a year old, we decided not to carve pumpkins, but rather to paint some, and decorate our porch that way. I did up one for each of us, as you can see below.

{Sorry for the glare--nothing I could do about that.}
Each pumpkin was personalized with one piece other than paint. Shane's had a
Cubs hat; I had a 'bow' in my hair; and Colin's had, in it's mouth, a prized
possession--one of Colin's actual pacifiers.
I sat him down on our front porch bench one afternoon
for what I thought would be a cute photo opportunity.

Daddy Pumpkin, Mommy Pumpkin, and Colin Pumpkin with Colin at almost one-year old

Now, let me say here that Colin was a paci child. He was addicted until just before age two.
Once he noticed what was going on on that bench, the following transpired.

Colin's grin disappeared....he got a funny look on his face....and then....
.....he took back what was rightfully his, leaving Pumpkin Colin pacifier-free.
I wonder how that pacifier tasted to him that day? *blech*

I'm so thankful to this day that I managed to catch something so cute on camera--I still smile every time I look at these pictures, and my mind takes me back to that afternoon on the porch!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Great giveaway....

....over at the Diaper Diaries! Check it out to win a $200 gift card to Sticks and Stones!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mr. President, your name is difficult for a five-year-old

Colin, discussing with me and Cameron his Fall Party tomorrow:

"Mom, Mrs. W. (his teacher) said that none of the parents have to bring any games tomorrow. Someone else is bringing the games."

Me: "Oh, okay, Colin."

Colin, explaining further: "I think it's Mr. F. (school principal) that's going to bring the games."

Me: "Oh. That's nice of him to do that."

Cameron: "Col, who is Mr. F?"

Colin: "He is the president at school."

Me: "No, bud, he isn't the president....he is the school principal, Col."

Colin: "Oh, that's right. The president"

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Musings and belly pic


~do not enjoy getting up before the sun. Blech.

~love late-night talks with my adorable, wonderful, oh-so-handsome husband, so.....I'm willing to sacrifice some sleep every once in a while.

~watched Fireproof for the very first time last night. Yes, I know I am about a year behind everyone else on this, but what a GREAT movie, huh? (That's what prompted that late-night talk....) If you haven't seen this yet, it's awesome--go rent it!

~have a house that seems infested with ladybugs. Not the real ladybugs, mind you--the pretty red ones that 'bring good luck'--but the yucky, smelly, orange kind, known as the Asian ladybug, that were apparently imported here by our government for insect control purposes (they eat aphids) and now are taking over the nation. Or, at least, my house. Or, at least, it feels like it. Ugh. I actually had one crawling up my leg last night while my leg was under my covers in the privacy of my bed....oh, I can't even think about it. Talk about a freak out. Sick, sick, sick.

~spent the last four days growing a third eye. I mean, seriously....what is going on here? I vacillate each day between acne products to control breakouts and age fighters for the ever growing number of fine lines I am starting to see. Who does that? *sigh*

~found a couple of new Etsy sites that I love. Here (more hats--can't help myself) and Here (can you say, personalization-on-everything-we-own-for-this-child?). Plus, my friend Julie is adding new items to her shop almost everyday! I am determined to have hair accessories for every outfit. Ahem.

~go back for a checkup today! Looking forward to hearing my little Peanut! Though, these days--with her vicious kicks, karate chops, constant hiccups, and my ever-expanding frame--I have plenty of visual and tactile reminders that she's there! Cameron and Ethan are coming with me, and Cameron is so excited. He is currently counting the minutes (or, rather, asking me to count them....) until we leave.

27 weeks!!!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Friday, October 23, 2009

{Much needed} Fun at the orchard

The last couple of weeks have been, at the very least, difficult.

I've been trying to put a post together about my Grandma, and keep getting hung up on one thing or another. I've decided not to rush it, and just work on it a little bit at a that when I do post it, it will be exactly what I am wanting.

Last Saturday, the day after Granny's funeral, I was in a funk and in much need of doing something to take my mind off our current circumstances....and Shane saved the day, as usual. He's done that a lot lately.

He decided that we should take the boys over to a local orchard for some fun. We went once already this season, but didn't do any of the "fun" (read--expensive) things that they have for the kids. Since we didn't go on any official vacations this year *sniff*, we decided that we could afford to take them over there and let them do a very few of those fun things, and then go have dinner at "the nut place" (that's what our boys call Texas Roadhouse).

I was so glad we did--I had some much needed fun there (not to mention the best apple cider--mmmmm!) and so did the boys!

Riding the "tractor"

Ha! Love this one...apparently, Col was getting smushed!

Love love love this guy :)

Ethan was really, really excited about feeding the goats.....
we had a couple of moments where he got a bit too close!
They're so gentle (and fed so well by the hundreds that come through there everyday)
that I'm sure they'd never try to eat him, but you just can't be too careful! *giggle*

Who's that little bee?

Ethan loved climbing around in the wooden choo-choo train....

And begged--in his own way, of course--to ride the ponies.
"See Momma? That one there. He wants me to ride him. Please? See him?"

Then, we got to the 'real' fun--the bouncy house!
The boys could have played for hours and, as I stood there, shivering, it felt like they did ....

Next, it was time for a hay ride....

Cam was so excited about going anywhere behind a tractor!

Col, for some reason....not as excited.

Mommy and Cami

Daddy and E

Daddy and the boys

{Almost) All of us!

We decided that, since that pony wanted Ethan to ride him so badly,
we would go ahead give in. I mean, who am I to tell a pony "no"?
Ethan loved that part of the day, by the way....

After about three hours, we were starving (and out of moola!)
We headed over to Texas Roadhouse for some very good eats!

What mommy said:
"Ethan, smile for mommy!"
What Ethan heard:
"Ethan, give me your stinky face."

Cam, enjoying some of those prized peanuts....

....and loving on his Momma a bit *grin*

We had a wonderful meal to end a really great day--steak, mashed potatoes,
country friend chicken....and, yes--hot dogs. (Much to my dismay,
when you have boys, those are almost always involved....)

....well, most of us enjoyed those foods, anyway.
E made his meal off of his usual--carbs.
Some things never change....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Overheard at dinner:

Never a dull moment at our dinner table:

"Do you think they should get dessert?" I said.

Shane: "We still have those (spelling) c-u-p-c-a-k-e-s from the other night, they could split one."

Colin, about two seconds later: "Nah. I don't want a cupcake for dessert."

And Shane and I looked at each other in bewilderment.


Cameron, responding to who-knows-what that Colin just said:

"And I'm a double decker so I can dip my head in milk!"



And Cameron, apparently wrestling within himself over this issue:

(in a very sing-songy voice)

"My belly says I'm getting full and I should stop eat-ing....

.....but my head knows that if I stop now, I won't get desser-hert."

His lovely little tune was quickly followed by the sound of

*slurp, slurp, slurping* more soup down.

Ahhhhh. A boy after my own heart.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Because it's too funny not to post.....

"I don't care who you are {or what your political "side" is}, that's funny right there."

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cameron's 4th Birthday party

This past Wednesday, we celebrated my sweet 2nd child's fourth birthday.

It is so hard for me to believe that he is four--I feel like I was
just writing about his second and third birthdays. I wrote about his birth story (and posted a few birth pictures) here, if you haven't seen them before and would like to!

Cameron is amazing, and I thank God for him everyday. He is such a wonderful little man to have around, and one of the many attributes that I love about him is his keen sense of "all things fashion". He is always telling me that he likes the color polish on my toenails, or that my shirt is "so pretty Mommy!", or that he thinks the clip in my hair is "Cool Mom!" It is so funny to me that, while he is ALL boy, and a young one at that, he notices such things--but I love it! He has a knack for always making his Mommy feel good--even while she is wearing compression stockings *grin*.

We had a wonderful time at his party, and I wanted to share a few pictures!

His cake--CARS, of course

My big boy, looking extra handsome, and getting ready for his share of the sweets!

Ethan was not so happy at this point. Cameron had already been served his cake, and I think Ethan thought that he wasn't going to get turns the pouty face!

He quickly cheered up, once he realized that he wasn't going to be left out!

Cam, very happy once his cake was all gone....

....or, wait a minute--the icing was all gone, that is!
We discovered that apparently, that part was all Cameron thought was good enough to eat.

Two of my cousins :)

Love this picture....Ethan and Tony, having a "big boy" conversation!
I love the look on E's face.

My wonderful Aunt and Shane

Time for presents!

Oooh! A new, very cool dinosaur with sounds and movement!

Ethan quickly discovered just how cool this new dino was too....and
I'm pretty sure I know exactly what Cam was thinking here:
"Great. I suppose I have to share all of this stuff with you, too, don't I?"

A new tractor and grain hauler from Grandma 'Nette and
Grandpa--a great way to haul that new dino!

And a brand new, big-boy bike from Grandma Jane. Cam was so excited that, right then and there, he took off down the hallway--and has been riding around the house ever since! We got to try it out outside today for the first time, riding it in it's appropriate spot--the driveway. Cam loved it, and is already ready for the training wheels to come off!

Happy Birthday, sweet Cameron--Mommy and Daddy love you very much!