Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Musings


~am losing my eyelashes at an alarming rate. I pull them out one-by-one when I'm stressed. Isn't that a weird thing to do? I know. I'm weird.

~am firmly convinced that the fruit--and I use that term very, very loosely--in the middle of pop tarts contains some form of glue. Once that stuff hits the slate floor, it is like doing surgery to try to get it off. Okay, okay. It's like doing surgery if you leave it stuck to the floor for a couple of days. Which I would never, ever do. Just like I would never, ever feed my children a pop tart...those things have to be bad for you.

~have fallen in love with the hats over at BriarClaire. If Peanut is anything like her brothers (or her mother who was nearly bald until age two), then she will most likely need one in every color to cover her little head for a while! This one, this one, this one and this one are my favorites. *sigh* Oh, and the wonderful thing (in case you love these hats, too) is that in the month of October, for every single hat that is purchased, BriarClaire is donating a hat to a children's cancer hospital. As of October 4th, they have already donated 158 hats. Isn't that incredible? Seems like a great time to stock up to me.

~do believe that once Peanut does have hair, I will be ordering some of these amazing, handmade bows from my friend Julie! She has opened up an Etsy shop herself, and is selling some incredible Korker bows....head on over there and check them out! I definitely need the Black Beauty and the Neopolitan!

~just cleaned toilets my toilets on Friday. They already needed it again this morning. Boys are gross. I wonder how many more times in my life I am going to need to yell, "Aim for the water!" before they actually do?

~love a house that is clean and smells yummy.

~am so thankful for heating pads. I'm gonna need one tonight, after the cleaning rage I've been on today.

~actually WON a contest that I entered! Remember this post for a chance at a Miracle Blanket? Yours truly is now the proud owner! Let's hope Peanut loves it as much as so many other babies do....

~can say with confidence that, no matter how hard a girl may try, it is difficult to feel even somewhat pretty when you are wearing compression stockings. *sigh*

~had an amazing blessing at church yesterday. It's incredible to see how God's people can be moved to do something that is such a blessing to someone else, at such a sacrifice to themselves.

~am so thankful for the good report at the doctor last week, and for the sneak peak I got at my little girl. I have gained 13 pounds (feels like 30) and am mostly nice and healthy, with just a few *issues* that will hopefully go away once Peanut is born. One thing to keep in prayer is my asthma. It is flaring up pretty regularly these days, and I seem to have extra trouble breathing when I have the occasional contraction. A bit scary heading into labor, but still lots of time to get it regulated.

Happy Monday everyone!


Julie said...

Mmm...pop tarts. My faves are brown sugar & cinnamon. Er, I mean, if I were to eat pop tarts, I might like that kind. But of course I'm a health nut, so that would NEVER happen. (I hope I don't get struck down for that...LOL)

Thanks for the props, Dev!!! You know, if you buy Peanut crocheted caps, you can clip bows to them. Just sayin'.

And you look great, even WITH compression stockings. :)

Praying for your asthma...

Mamasita Chimichanga said...

As for the pop tarts, I am totally with you! I refuse to buy the "Hot Fudge Sundae" ones anymore... they are 10 times worse than the fruity ones! My kids eat pop tarts as a "pre-breakfast" and I am just NOT sure if it is worth it!

As for boys' aim... AMEN! Especially in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning... when it's a little bit HARDER for them to aim.... if you are catching my drift! WOW....TIMES 3 shorties... we have ourselves a mess, huh? I feel like I am constantly cleaning the bathrooms!

I am loving the Etsy shop and BriarClaire as well! You betta get that girl some head gear! =)

Glad to hear you guys are doing well! Have a great Monday!
Kacy =)

Leanne said...

I'm so eternally glad that I don't remember potty training Russell! Maybe it was so painful and traumatizing that I just blocked it out??? I'm so glad there are only two boys in this house, and each one of them is a perfect gentleman when it comes to aim.....They better be, since they're both grown up!!!! LOL!

Those hats are PRECIOUS!!!! We got Lucie some hats that are knitted, and they have large knitted flowers on them, one is brown and one is will have such a totally awesome time dressing Miss Peanut!

Compression stockings, don't know if I've ever seen them. Do you have blood clotting issues or varicose veins?? I will pray for you, and let me tell ya, it looks to me like those stocking are not at all hurting your radiance! You're beautiful!

Okay, I think that about covers the way, you need to check out Gymboree for the newborn baby girls stuff...TO DIE FOR!!!! Wait, maybe you don't want to!! Lol!

Shannon said...

I pull my eyelashes out too. I get "bald spots" on my eyes when I am stressed. You're not alone!

Unknown said...

those hats are only the best ones ever!!!!!!! so cute!!!!!!

Kathy said...

You are adorable.

Prayers as always for your pregnancy lady. Always.

(And I know you can work compression stockings.. ;)

Julie said...


Maybe you could take up knitting or something to keep your hands occupied?!? You could knit some hats for Peanut! See, it would be a great thing for both of you.

Mary Ann said...

Devon, I know others who do the eyelash thing. You are not alone. Myself, the hair on my head just falls out all by itself when I am stressed. NOT PRETTY.
As for compression stockings - they are great no matter how bad they look! I wear them when I work my 2nd job b/c it's nearly six hours on my feet without any chance to sit down. They really help diminish the fatigue & swelling I sometimes get from tendonitis (too much running!).
Oh, one last little comment *grin* I am the only girl & I work with seven men. We only have one bathroom. I FEEL YOUR PAIN! :-)
Happy Tuesday to you!