Thursday, October 29, 2009

That's MY paci. MINE.

I have wanted to post this particular series of photos forever.

Yet, I never have.

Mostly it's because
I'm lazy I didn't want to have to take the pictures out of the frame they are in in my bedroom and scan them to my computer. It always seemed like so much work.

And bending those thingys that keep the backing attached to the wooden frame always hurts my fingers.

However, I overcame all that today and thought, "I'm gonna do it anyway."

It apparently just wasn't meant to be.
After bending 12 of those thingys back and tearing my delicate fingers to shreds while I was at it; and please, don't even say to me "Why don't you just go and get a flat head screwdriver to lift those up?" because the screwdriver is all the way in the kitchen drawer, and I'm waaaaaay too lazy to walk all the way down there.... I was finally inside the frame.

I peeled off the backing, went to take the pictures out to scan and, much to my dismay, the top photo was
stuck to the glass by some unknown sticky substance. When I tried to pull, the picture was pulling away from the paper backing, and I was starting to downright panic at the thought of destroying one of my favorite series of photos ever just for the sake of putting it on my blog decided that I would just do the old fashioned thing: leave the pictures in the frame, and take a picture of a picture.

The quality's terrible, but I'm trudging forth anyway. They're still the cutest ever. E-ver.

When Colin was a year old, we decided not to carve pumpkins, but rather to paint some, and decorate our porch that way. I did up one for each of us, as you can see below.

{Sorry for the glare--nothing I could do about that.}
Each pumpkin was personalized with one piece other than paint. Shane's had a
Cubs hat; I had a 'bow' in my hair; and Colin's had, in it's mouth, a prized
possession--one of Colin's actual pacifiers.
I sat him down on our front porch bench one afternoon
for what I thought would be a cute photo opportunity.

Daddy Pumpkin, Mommy Pumpkin, and Colin Pumpkin with Colin at almost one-year old

Now, let me say here that Colin was a paci child. He was addicted until just before age two.
Once he noticed what was going on on that bench, the following transpired.

Colin's grin disappeared....he got a funny look on his face....and then....
.....he took back what was rightfully his, leaving Pumpkin Colin pacifier-free.
I wonder how that pacifier tasted to him that day? *blech*

I'm so thankful to this day that I managed to catch something so cute on camera--I still smile every time I look at these pictures, and my mind takes me back to that afternoon on the porch!


Jana said...

I think that is absolutely adorable!!! What a cutie!!

Mary Ann said...

Great story! I love that he simply took the paci back instead of crying or getting distressed. What a cutie!

Julie said...

That's so cute - what makes it especially funny for me is the "baby" pumpkin looks so SHOCKED that Col took his paci back. HA!!!

Jen said...

They grow toooo fast! I bet his paci tasted awful!

Rachel said...

That is so cute. That reminds me of a series of pictures I have of Rose at 12 months old watching a two year old friend suck her thumb. In the first picture Rose is staring curiously at Nora, then she is looking at her hands, by about the third picture she is sucking her hand and by the end they are both sitting there with their thumbs in their mouths looking at one another, happily. Rose never has been a thumb sucker although Pearl is. Violet is my first Paci baby and I have a love hate relationship with that thing.

How is your sweet little girl growing? Have you been having fun shopping for her?

You asked a awhile back about my sling. I used a Bjorn with Rose and she was tiny baby and that thing killed my back! The nice thing was that Mike could wear it too. When I had Pearl in Florida I thought my Bjorn would be too hot and needed something to be hands free running after Rose. I had a generic Hot Slings style pouch (bought on Etsy) I loved it from when she was little until about one year old. It does not hurt my back compared to the Bjorn but of course if they are in it for long periods of time eventually my back gets tired. I have two Hotslings now that I love, one I got at a consignment sale and another I found on clearance at Home Goods. I love the pouch slings because they are very easy to get the baby in and out of and fold up very compactly to fit into your bag. (with the Bjorn it was so bulky I always had to decide whether to bring it along or not). I also am not into all of the extra fabric on ringslings I just can't be bothered. I still love my stroller too but have found if Pearl get's tired I can put Violet in the sling and Pearl in the stroller much easier then bringing a double stroller. Anyway that is my two cents on slings.
PS I think the fleece pouches look so comfy and would be great for a winter baby.