Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I honestly can't believe it, but I just overheard this conversation. Keep in mind my sons are FOUR and SIX, and were both sitting on the couch.

Colin: "Cameron, can you please change the game?" (a Wii game--from Sports to Mario Kart)

Cameron: "Can you do it Colin?"

Colin: "Well, it's just that I've been at school all day and I'm really tired."

Cameron: "Well, I've been up for a really long time!"

Colin: "So have I! I got up when you did, remember? You woke me up!"


Cameron: "Mom, can Ethan put a Wii game in?"

(He knows this is against the rules. E doesn't touch the Wii just yet.)

Me: "No, one of you need to get up and do it."

Colin, finally: "I'll take care of it."

Cameron: "Thanks Colin. My feet are really hurting me."


Julie said...

They're both that old and decrepit already?


That must mean I'm on the brink of death.

Kara said...

okay that is just scary...we had sort of the same thing yesterday. I needed something to put in their suitcase to go to Grammie's. It was for Carter so I asked him to get it and he was "too tired" and wanted Caden to do it for him...on and on it went, until Daddy came in and did it for them! we could switch boys and still have the same stuff go on at our houses! Crazy!

Robin Bair said...

that's hilarious