Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Men: Can't tell their *socks* from their *mittens*

Shane, putting them on for the 4th time in about 10 minutes: "Goodness....these socks are so small. They won't even stay on Lola's feet."

Me: "Honey....they're hand mittens."

Shane: "That'd be why."


Jenny said...

too funny!!!

Julie said...

Poor Shane. At least he was TRYING to help. (If I were a southerner, it seems this would be an appropriate place to insert a 'Bless his heart')

Anonymous said...

I can totally see Shane saying "well then, that'd be why" lol....too funny!!!!!

Unknown said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Now that's funny! I am shocked though because I would have figured shane would be a pro by now! i guess they do have a tendency to look the same?