Sunday, March 7, 2010


Saturday, we ran through a drive through to grab a quick lunch for the boys. After our errands, we dropped by Grandma MJ's to say hello.

Grandma MJ has yummy things at her house. Like, Dove dark chocolate nuggets.


Cameron, almost immediately upon arrival at Grandma's house, located the goodies--and then did something that my boys have learned almost definitely will earn Mommy's approval of eating candy: he brought me some.

"Here you go, Mommy!" Cameron said, as he dished out one dark chocolate to me. He then proceeded to pass one out to Daddy, Grandma, and each of his brothers. Out came the puppy dog eyes, along with the question:

"Can I eat this, Mom?"

"Sure, Cameron." I said.

But then, the one who is sensible about things like this and not swayed by the scent of chocolate Shane piped up.

"Wait a minute. Did you boys finish all of your chicken?"

Colin, being honest, admitted, "No, I didn't. I still have two left. So does Ethan."

I looked at Colin and said, "If I let you have this chocolate now, will you promise to eat those two other nuggets once we get in the car?"

Both E and Col responded with a resounding "YES!", and then proceeded to pop the candy into their mouths.

A while later, as we were loading everyone in to the car to head home, those two nuggets that each of the boys had left in the car were discovered. Out came the big brother in Colin.

"Ethan, here you go. Here are those two have to eat these now, remember?"

Ethan looked at Colin, and simply stated that he didn't feel like eating those nuggets anymore.

To which, Colin replied,

" are just going to have to throw up all that chocolate."


Erica Miller said...

hahahahaha!!! That is just too funny and too cute! Life must be a riot with all your funny, sweet, adorable kids!!!! :)

Aim said...

lovely. to which you said, YOU BETTER NOT! ;)

Julie said...

Which is totally the correct response. Right? HA! Gotta love the logic he had going there though. What a sweet kid.