Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hilarious proof again that more is CAUGHT than TAUGHT

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When subjecting my children to an hour or two of shopping--especially grocery shopping--I am not ashamed to admit that I sometimes do resort to bribery.

"If you boys are really, really good in the store today.....Mommy will give you a special treat when we are all done."

Okay. So maybe I'm a little ashamed to admit it.


The other day, after a particularly grueling Wal-Mart trip, I told the boys I would get them a treat for being so good* in the grocery store while Mommy shopped.

*as good as can be truly expected from a six-, four-, and three-year-old who are being subjected to two hours in a grocery store

So, we headed down to one of our favorite ice cream spots in town.

On the way there, I realized something, and panicked.

This ice cream stand, unlike most of the rest of the world, does not take a debit card.

And I had no cash.

Oh no. Nononononoooooo.

*rack my brain*

I quickly came up with a solution I was sure would work. I decided to stop at a gas station, get some gas, and pay for my purchase with my debit card--then ask for a few dollars of cash back.

I picked the one gas station in the tri-county area that does not allow cash back on any purchases.


I got back in the car, feeling a bit defeated. I told the boys the situation.

"Boys, I am so sorry. Mike's Chill only takes cash, and Mommy just spent all I had at the grocery store! They don't take debit cards....I feel terrible, but I have no way to pay for any ice cream!"

Colin--who is joyfully learning the art from his Mommy--looked at me in desperation and said {in this high-pitched, shrieky voice he gets whenever he realizes something may not be going his way}:

"Well, can't we just give them a coupon?!"


Julie said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I've SO been there. I rarely even carry cash anymore, since so many places take it, so I have definitely been in a bind like that before.

So I'm only laughing because I can relate. Well, that, and the fact that it didn't happen to ME this time.

Love ya girl!