Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chalk Masterpiece

Here is a story,
told by pictures
{and a little narrative from Mommy},
of what happens
when three little boys
and one teeny lady
find some sidewalk chalk they forgot they had....

"SWEET! Chalk! Let's draw something. Here....I'll show you how."

"Oooooh....that's nice, Colin!"

"Look--you can make the hands like this."

"Did you know that when you rub your sweaty face with chalk hands, it makes colors?
Also, on a different note, I need purple. 
Has anyone seen the purple?"

"I haven't seen it. It is most definitely not hiding behind my head."

"Wait a minute...."

"Yes it is!!"

"But if you think I'm sharing it with you, have another thing coming."

"I'll put the purple in all by myself, thankyouverymuch."

"Whatever. I'll just use blue."

"Hey guys....check this out."

"Cool, huh? I know."


"I just don't know what gets into you boys sometimes. Such silly adolescent games."

"Clearly, mother...I have not added enough color."

"I'll work on that!"

"I simply can't comprehend this behavior. 
I don't understand why Mother is allowing this!"

"Here Ethan....let me help you."

"Really, Mom? Now you're letting them do it to each other?
I'm taking the chalk and I'm out of here.
I'll have no part in this nonsense."

"Hold still! I've got to concentrate really hard."
"Because the ground doesn't move when I draw on it, that's why."

"I can't help moving! It feels funny."

*several minutes later, after getting back on track....*

"The masterpiece is done, Mommy! It's our favorite man of all time."

In my might as well be a Picasso.


Kara said...

Great story and even BETTER pics! Loving that new camera :) Tell them all hi from me!

Aim said...

OH MY WORD DEVAN! Probably my most FAVORITE POST EVER!!!!!! TOP 5 for sure! Seriously. Loved all of it and about got teary eyed when the drawing was done and it was their father. wow. I might just have to go read it again and Miss Lola is such a DOLL! ok. gotta run.

TDM Wendy said...

Love the sidewalk chalk and the face and all over body chalk!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Love this post!