Friday, September 9, 2011

Soccer is HERE!!

We've had so much fun with all three of the boys in soccer this year! Cameron and Ethan are on the same team, and Colin is in the next league up, with Shane coaching again. Last week was our first game, and I wanted to share a few highlights!

Ethan, dribbling through several defenders--he went on to score after this....

....and got a high-five from his big brother!

Cameron, concentrating....

Love this shot of Ethan!

In the first part of Cameron and Ethan's game, Grandma Jane showed up.  My boys, who were in the middle of a play, ran off the field to greet her. It was pretty funny--but maybe not to the boys' coach!

Colin and Grandma cheering the younger boys on

Cameron surprised us all by showing some incredible talent on the field.  
He had scored seven goals by the time the game was over! 

He also showed a bit *ahem* of pride....yeah, that's 
something we're gonna have to be working on! *giggle*
(In all fairness, after the game--when we questioned Cameron about this move, he said: "Mom, I was just doing what the soccer players do on the Wii."  When we went back and checked out what he was talking about, we found that the players on the FIFA Wii game point at the back of their shirts--as if pointing to their number--when they score.  That made us feel a bit better! LOL)

Love this shot of his face after he missed a shot on goal

Grandma helping corral Lola while we watched the game
And yes--I know how she is dressed.
I realize tutus are not typical soccer attire.
However, we (Storm) are white, grey and black--
and this birthday outfit is the ONLY thing she had in her drawer with black in it!
{With the help of Etsy, we're working on that!}

Love this shot of E Ry taking on three defenders all by himself.
He did so well, too, for his first game ever! Scored two goals!


Cameron listening to coach Dave in the huddle

Love this one, too!

After the younger boys won, we headed down to watch Shane coach Colin's game. 
Lots of fun and excitement at this level!
Daddy giving some last minute instruction

Colin dribbling

He did so well!

I was so proud of Colin--his team ended in a tie, but it was a good game.
He fought for the ball the entire time!

So looking forward to the rest of the season. Go Storm!!


TDM Wendy said...

Oh my goodness - great shots. Love the high five and the expressions. Kids are fun.

Leanne said...

Devin!! Good to catch up with you again!

I love your pictures, they're so big and vibrant and really crisp. It must be your awesome new camera. I bet you're having fun using it!!

It's hard to believe your boys are getting so big...ha...I bet you say that all the time! I don't get to enjoy sports, what with 7 girls and a boy who is almost out of school!!

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

(PS: you can go ahead and tell Lola to STOP GROWING!!! ;)

Karie said...

I can tell someone has a NICE camera, lol. Don't you love the feature where the background is so nicely blurred? Love it! 2 months to go till we see you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!