Thursday, December 1, 2011

A letter to Devin

Dear Devin,

I thought we were friends!

Where have you been? You used to share so much of your life with me. I miss the pictures of your children, the funny things they say, and your telling me about all of the events going on in your family!

I know for a fact you haven't told me about your 11th wedding anniversary, Cameron's Kindergarten feast at school, or how much fun you had over Thanksgiving with your family in Chicago. I know you must have adorable pictures of least one or two hilarious things that the boys have said....and I can imagine that there is probably so much more.

Won't you come back?

I miss you.

Your very neglected friend,


Julie said...

Lol, Dev! Totally something I would do. ...except my blog is beyond neglected, I'm not sure if I can revive it. (Oh, and I would totally have to catch up in order too.) It's a lot harder for me now that the kids are bigger, they don't do all the adorable things they used to do all the time. I so feel really guilty for slacking... *sigh* :0(