Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our tree, Christmas light style

(Life is happening so quickly around me...and I feel like I am missing it because I am so far behind on my blog. I am determined to get caught up this week!)

Every year except one since we moved to Catlin, Shane has decorated our tree outside.  It is a ton of work for him, but the results are so wonderful! I've never seen another tree like it, and Shane gets lots and lots of compliments on it each year.

This year, we tried to get some pictures. (Obviously you can see from the clarity that I am not an expert on night shots.)

It is SO lit up that you can see it from pretty far away. 
This picture is as we come around the bend in our road.
See that big lighted blotch in the middle? *giggle*

Getting a little closer, you can start to make out the shape a bit more. 
Shane individually wraps the strands of lights around each branch.

And closer....

It really is pretty spectacular in person--I wish the pictures did it more justice.
Shane ran into one of our friends the other day (who lives around the bend in the other direction
and sees the tree from afar every night) who said he wished Shane would leave the tree up all year
long because he loves to look at it!

Who knows....for the amount of work it takes Shane to do this, (and the fact that sometimes the lights don't come down until April anyway) maybe he will.....



Unknown said...

It's a BURNING TREE instead of a burning bush. :) WOW. yep. that's crazy.

Mary Ann said...

I love it! And I vote that you leave it up for a long, long time. Maybe not all year, but at least until spring. Gives you all something fun to look at through the dreary winter :-)
My dad usually prunes a huge piracantha bush in their front yard to look like a 7 foot snowman holding a miniature Christmas tree. Then he puts lights on (white for his body, red or blue for his hat, multicolored for the mini tree, & huge bulb lights for his buttons & facial features). It's so fabulous looking. Unfortunately the bush has been dying off so he couldn't do it this year. The focus this summer is to get it healthy so the Snowman can come back next year!
*and I'm just like you; no really good pics because it's just hard to get good pics of lights in the dark!