Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How a Redneck Merritt takes down Christmas Lights:

Colin, trying his best to be helpful....but nowhere near as high as Daddy!

Important thing to note:

Yes, I know it is almost the end of April. I understand it is awfully late to be taking Christmas lights down. We actually had a neighbor stop by and ask if we were putting lights up already! I suppose it would be better to be super early putting them up, rather than so late taking them down. :-)

We always leave our Christmas lights up on this particular tree until it gets warmer outside. This tree is extremely difficult to string lights on (it takes several hours), and in turn, is extremely difficult to get the lights back off of. So, we take all the Christmas lights down in early January--except for these.

Lest you think we really are rednecks.


Julie said...

Nah, a REAL redneck would leave all the lights up and turn them on every night until mid-July.

Were you totally freaked out about Colin being that high in the tree??

Karie said...

That's so great, I love it when I see Christmas decorations come summer time, ha, ha. I think if they are white lights they are pretty when it's night time out. Up here, all the restaurants are doing it, so you can feel better.
That is one thing that freaks me out about when Callen gets older-the CLIMBING!
How are you guys, I feel I haven't really talked to you for an eternity.

Kara said...

I am with Julie, if you don't leave the lights on, it doesn't appear that bad! How do you get them up there, isn't it cold!