Monday, April 7, 2008

Shrek boys

Grandma MJ got the boys some new Shrek undies recently. The boys are soooo proud of themselves in their new digs, and it was too cute not to post!

"Donkey" and "Shrek"

p.s. Did you notice they are holding hands in the second picture? :-)
They will love that someday, I'm sure!


Julie said...

Smells like blackmail pictures....I wish I could get Puckey to want to wear panties. She's got a whole drawer full, but she's just not interested yet.

Your boys are SO cute!

Karie said...

That is too cute, Lynette just got Reese Strawberry Shortcake ones. Isn't it funny what things thrill us now: our toddlers getting new underwear! You can tell we are parents.

Kenzie said...


That is AWESOME! I know they are going to love the blackmail picture when they get bigger... say at their high school graduations :)

Also, I love the blog design... it looks so great!

Talk to you soon. Love ya,

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness - such adorable tushies!

Anonymous said...

Aww They look so cute, i wish my boys would be like yours.