Thursday, April 3, 2008

My "blog-over"

I don't know if that is really a word or not....but I'm using it anyway! I love the new look of this blog!

I, of course, being the computer savvy one that I am, did all of this completely by myself. No help from anyone, at all.

Yeah.....RIGHT. Have you ever tried to do anything in HTML? Give me a break.

Actually, everything you see here is attributed 100% to a wonderfully talented graphic design artist named
Hilary Keegan! She put all of this together for me, and I am forever grateful to her for doing such a wonderful job! She was even able to edit the characters on the header graphic to almost completely match our family! I think my favorite parts of the graphic are the bald king with a blond goatee and the 'strawberry-blond' hair on 2 of the boys! :-) (We are still 'tweaking' a few things, but it is almost done!)

Hilary even has her own Graphic Design website, if anyone is interested in their own 'blog-over'!

Thank you so much Hilary, for all your hard work....I can't say enough about how pleased I am with everything!

p.s. Let me know what you think!


Julie said...

OOOOHHHHH....VERY stylish! I like it! (I didn't catch the goatee right away, but I DID notice the boys' hair - cute!)

Kara said...

I love it, very cool! I love the boys hair and Shane's goatee! Soooo neat! I keep thinking I need to jazz mine up, but I am going to wait until we find out the sex of the baby.

. said...

I like it! I almost missed the goatee too! I was so proud of myself for tweaking mine yesterday... not anymore! :0( It looks great!

Unknown said...

ok dev, I just got off the phone with my mom and as of now they are going the 3rd week to the cabin so that means we may have the 22nd to the end of the month open. I need to know what days you guys would want to or could go so I can check and make sure it is ok with my grandparents.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog's design! Too cute--your boys are darling :) You should come join us at Pancakes & Pinesol! We'd love to have you :)

Stephanie said...

Very cute! Great job.

Aunt Pat said...

How cute!

Just a note to say thanks for sharing your kids with me on Saturday. They are a delight.