Monday, April 7, 2008

For Ethan

Occasionally, I write posts that are intended for my memory's benefit only. This post today is one of those.


I write today with a huge smile on my face, as I am sitting here thinking about what a huge blessing you are to your mommy. I have shorted you, my poor third child, in many of the most flagrant being not keeping up on your baby book like I should! I have written the most important dates (walking, teeth, solid foods) on the calendar, but I haven't kept track of a lot of the little things. This blog has become an effective tool for your mommy to be able to remember lots of 'stuff', so, today, I am making an effort to keep track of your cuteness in this way.

You have done some of the cutest things lately, this morning being no exception! I came in your room to get you from your crib after you woke up, and when you saw me, your face broke into the biggest smile and you actually started clapping! It was like you were saying, "Yay!!! It's Mommmeeeeeee!!!! She's come to get me!!!!!" It was so funny. I said, "Are you clapping for Mommy?" and you looked at me and clapped some more!

Then, you pointed to the window. (This is one of the newest things you have been doing recently--pointing. And it is terribly adorable.)

Back to your pointing to the of your favorite things right now is to look out of your window first thing in the morning when you wake up. I go in your room, pick you up, and you point to your window. We go over for a couple of minutes, and look outside in the side yard to see what is going on. We talk about the squirrels, and the birds, and the grass, and how it is going to be so nice when the weather breaks and we can finally get outside to play! Then, we change your diaper, and head to the kitchen for breakfast. You then proceed to do your best to break free of my grip so you can head over to the sliding glass door to check out what is happening in the back yard! It is so cute how you don't want to miss anything that is going on outside.

I swear you said 'Cheerios' today. At breakfast, you looked right at the bag, pointed, and said, "Chee-Chee-O". It was just as plain as day. I couldn't believe it, and even your big brother Colin remarked, "Did you hear that mommy? Ethan said Cheerios!" It was a very funny moment, and one that made me realize just how fast you are growing up. Pretty soon you will be saying full sentences.....

You love your daddy so very much. You love to walk over to him, stick your head right between his legs, grab one of his thighs, and say, "Uh, Uh!" We have obviously figured out that this is your way of saying, "Pick me UP, Daddy!"

By the way.....that trick works like a charm with him every time.

You love when things make loud noises. Surprising for a baby, but you do! Things like the blender, shredder, or vacuum turning on makes you outright dissolve into giggles! (Which, then, dissolves Mommy into giggles, then you giggle more, then I giggle more....vicious circle.)

You have figured out that when the music is turned up, that means it is time to DANCE! You wave your arms back and forth, and sometimes, when you are really getting into the groove, even bend your knees to bee-bop along to the music! I do have that one on video for you to see when you get older!

A couple of nights ago, when you were a bit fussy after I had put you down in bed for the night, I went and got you. I thought you might just be a little thirsty, so I fixed you a bottle and held you while you drank it. Voila! That hit the spot, and you actually fell asleep right in my arms. This is an absolute rarity for you, as normally, you will NOT fall asleep unless you are snugly tucked into your bed and under your precious blanket! But you did, it was sooooo sweet. I let you sleep for a few minutes, until I knew you were really out. Then, I lifted you up and laid you on my chest, and you slept there for about the next hour while Daddy and I finished watching a movie. It was so sweet to snuggle with you. I got sad when it hit me that both of your brothers are now too big to do this with.

Soon, you will be, too.

So, I am going to continue enjoying every minute with you while you are little.....I love you so very much, and I just wanted to make sure that you know it.


Julie said...

You know you're a mom when you get teary-eyed at the thought of SOMEONE ELSE'S kids growing up, too...LOL