Friday, March 16, 2012

Outdoors in March

I feel like I have gone on and on about the amazing weather we've been having, but it seriously has just been soooo beautiful. You would never know it was technically still winter! The temps this week have been in the 70's/80's and we have been out enjoying every minute of it.

Cameron came home (after learning about St. Patrick and his day, of course) 
and decided to build a leprechaun trap.

 He worked very diligently using sticks, pine branches--whatever he could find!

Colin and Ethan spent some time on one of Colin's new favorite pastimes: paper airplane building.

And can you guess what Mommy and Daddy were doing? 
(Mostly Daddy, since it was his mess? *coughcough*)

Seriously--does anyone else's garage look like this after the winter time? Between bikes, scooters, wagons, bats, gloves, balls (of every shape and size), leaves, Shane's tools and lumber, lawn and garden looked like a bomb went off in there! Yikes.

Lola, meanwhile, was having such grand time in her swing.

She never wants to get out!

Colin and Ethan took a break from airplane flying.... help out with the leprechaun trap. 

Cameron told me that he had to stash these binoculars in the crook of the tree....leprechauns are very tiny and he 'just might need these' to see one if it got caught in his trap. That kid!
And yes, those are Christmas lights still on our tree. We don't take them down until about now, remember?

Ethan, standing next to a tree that was his size just four years ago when we planted it. Last year, it bore us three whole apples. *grin* It is budding already, and this mommy is hoping for a great crop this year!

Is the weather as gorgeous where you are as it is here? We sure hope this early spring is here to stay!


Leanne said...

Hmmm...I have to say our weather here in the Pacific Northwest is 45degrees every day and....


Yep. Rain. Every day. I keep trying to remind myself that that's why it's so green here and so pretty in certain parts of the year...

I sure am envious of your weather!

We get nice weather in about July and August and maybe September and October. Come see us sometime!