Friday, October 12, 2012

Birthday madness begins!

Well, the birthday festivities have begun around here!

Cameron's birthday is on Sunday, so today we took a little trip over to his school to celebrate.

Grandma Jane and Lola

Mommy and Lola--I'm pretty sure she was more excited about cupcakes than taking a picture with Mom!

I love Pinterest, and saw the idea of "candy corn cupcakes" on there. 
I showed them to Cameron, and he loved it--so that's what we did! Clearly, 
my piping AND coloring needs work, but they turned out pretty well!

Before heading to the classroom, we stopped at the lunchroom to visit Ethan and Colin! 
They both share a lunchtime, and Ethan was soooooo excited to see us!

Love my little buddy. I love that he still loves to see his Momma.... compared to Colin, who--while he still loves his Momma--is, 
I'm pretty sure, starting to cross into the "embarrassed by Momma" category :)

Time to say goodbye and go see Cameron!

Cam was ecstatic to see us!

He helped me pass out all the cupcakes to his friends--and then was ready to EAT his!

His classmates singing "Happy Birthday". Notice his head is down--he gets SO embarrassed!

He would not look at anyone for anything!

I tried to take a picture of him taking his first bite--but he 
gobbled it down so fast my camera couldn't even snap a shot of it.

The children in his class are SO sweet. :)

And one in particular!

I love you Cameron Douglas....let the birthday celebration BEGIN!


Anonymous said...

He definitely lights up my life when I'm with him, that's for sure!! That pic of him and I hugging is priceless:) Thanks Dev Cami you make me so happy to be your Gma and I'm proud of all you do. You are so full of life and your talents are endless. You are still the cutest boy ever and I love you so much I can't stand it! xoxo
Happy Birthday,
Gma Jane

andy said...

nice post