Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Last day of birthday week!

Sunday, the 14th, was Cameron's actual seventh birthday. After church, we came home and did a kid's favorite thing to do on their special day: open presents!

First up was one of those rectangular, flat pieces of paper. My kids have received enough of these to know that they usually contain some dollar bills inside! Cam had already opened up one that contained a check (THANK YOU GREAT GRAM!!) and now, it was time for a second one!

Cameron wasn't the only one excited to see what was inside....

I love to watch them now, as they are older....they love to count the money themselves!

Thank you Grandma Jane!

Then, his favorite character from Star Wars ....

....and his favorite super heroes!

Cameron is such a special, unique child. A few months ago, I got new dishes--Fiestaware. I have been wanting them for a while, and took a lot of time picking out just the colors I liked. When I got the dishes, all three of the boys picked out "their" colors. Ethan picked the red, Colin picked--his favorite--turquoise, but Cameron was distressed. He wanted the color black, but I hadn't chosen to buy the black. (Mommy wanted COLOR!) So each night, he picks a color to eat on, while the other two boys eat on "theirs"--but it's just never "his color".

So, for his birthday, guess what color of Fiestaware he got as his very own?! 
It was so cute to see him react that way over a place setting--he was thrilled!
(And he has eaten on it every. meal. since!!)

He also asked for and received a new fire truck/fire boat Lego set (which he built the very 
next night--all by himself! I remember the day when he needed my help with that....*sniff*)

And the pièce de résistance ....a new Urlacher jersey!

Lola and Daddy, enjoying the present-opening

After presents, we headed to Cameron's choice--Texas Roadhouse--for dinner.
He was allowed his choice of drink. He did not, as you can see by the dark straw, 
choose Sprite like Mommy had hoped. *giggle* He reveled in that Coke, boy! Enjoying it 
while he can....he knew it would probably be another year before he tastes it again!

After the meal, the waitress made him sit on the "horse" and the restaurant sang him "Happy Birthday"

He was embarrassed, as usual....

....but CUTE as ever!!

Now, after several full days of birthday celebrations,  Cam's partying is officially over;
but another boy in our house has his special day coming soon--Colin turns nine on Halloween!

So thankful for my first October birthday boy and looking forward to celebrating the next one in just a few short days!!