Monday, March 18, 2013

To find a wife is to find a good thing . . . right?

The other night, as we were watching a bit of Star Wars--the boys' favorite--Ethan asked:

"Why is it that Anakin can't get married? Why can't he have a wife, I don't understand."

Even though we've explained this a few times, I drew a breath and began to start the explanation of how Jedis must use all of their concentration to fight evil, blah blah blah....but Cameron interrupted me before I could even say a word.

"He can't have a wife because they're just too much WORK, Ethan!"

Oh dear.....


Thursday, March 14, 2013

The doll house

Lola's dollhouse.

A peaceful place, where she can play, and her brothers do not disturb her or "mess up" her things.

She has it all straightened the way she likes it, and, as you can see, currently it is nap time.

Mom and Dad, lovingly placed in their spots.

Brother (his name is Ethan, coincidentally) is asleep in his bassinet,
and sister is upstairs in her bed; she is not pictured so I thought I had 
better share that info. We wouldn't want to leave her out. *giggle*

And then....we check the bathroom (to the left, top floor)....

and we find....

that a certain Star Wars loving brother actually has invaded this land of all things girlie.
In the exact spot I would have expected him to make his presence known.

  Never a dull moment.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lola reading

I can recite most of "Go Dog! Go!" without looking.

Same goes for Hooper Humperdink, One Fish Two Fish, Hand Hand Fingers Thumb (a small list of Lola's current favorites)....oh, the list could go on.

There are probably parents out there that can do that with "Goodnight, Moon" or "I'll Love You Forever" (most heart wrenching book on the planet, by the way--don't go into that one unprepared, moms! Read it through first, compose yourself, and then attempt reading to the kiddos. *grin*).

You know what I'm talking about--that handful of books that your child just wants to read over and over.

This one has been read so many times that, not only does Mommy know it by heart, so does Lola!

I love it! (And please don't judge me on dress code or girly hair violations. This was a "Lola gets to dress herself" day, and she picked a pajama top and a tutu. Of course she did.)


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snow. Finally!

Lola has never been out in a real snow.

That may seem hard to believe, but for some reason, our little corner of the world has had two very mild winters in a row. So, she hasn't made it out this year OR last year (and of course, the year before that wasn't even walking yet!)

When we got just a few precious inches yesterday, and a snow day from school to boot, you can bet we jumped on the opportunity to take advantage of it!

Lolee girl was so excited to get all suited up and play in the white stuff. 
She had so many layers on, she could hardly move!

We took a jaunt out to a local Forest Preserve, and found out 
hey--families of deer like the snow too! We counted 12!

We enjoyed sitting and watching them for awhile. They came so close!

But then...the hills were calling our name. Out came the sleds!

As much as the boys went down the hill, this was the first year there was 
NO complaining about coming back up! They truly are growing up....*sniff*....

Even Grandma Jane came along....

....and went down a few times herself!

Lola took turns with a few of us, but DADDY was definitely her favorite "passenger". 
She was pretty unsure her first time down (her very first time ever!)....

....but was very brave--even put her hands up! *grin*

She LOVED it!

Both gave Mommy a great smile when they got back up.
A picture I will treasure for a long time, I'm sure.

Since I'm behind the camera so much, I don't usually get to be in photos...but Shane took his 
turn snapping, and I got a gem of Lolee and I whooshing down the hill. I love this one!

 We had a few of these.....

....and these....

....and these....

....but mostly, there were just these.

Such a wonderful adventure....

....and once again, I feel blessed to have a day like this in the books!