Friday, May 2, 2008

Ethan and my new best friend

Can you say, $12 a year to operate this bad boy?
And, like, 95% less water used with every wash?
And great entertainment for my boys, who love to watch the clothes going around and around and around and around......?
And quiet as a mouse, even when it is spinning at WARP speed?
And clothes that take no time to dry because of said spin cycle?
And the cleanest clothes I've ever seen?


Kara said...

We just got one kind of like these, and they are great! It cuts my laundry time in half...seriously! Since they are front loading, I have even conned Caden into helping out more :) I love it! Shane must be a really great guy:)

Julie said...

She's a beauty alright!!

My pair of lovelies is sitting out in our garage waiting for my 1st floor laundry room to be finished. Maybe I'll show Ande this post and tell him when he gets my room done I'll make a post like it about him. I wonder if that would work?

Unknown said...

Hey Devin...

Your washer looks AWESOME!!! I'm sure with 3 boys in the house it comes in handy!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment about Livi!! That was so sweet of you to say and just made me smile!! =) And I also wanted to say GREAT JOB on your weight loss. You did awesome sticking with it and seemed to lose it pretty fast! I'm sad to say I haven't done as well, but I'm still working on it!! Thanks for being an inspiration!!

Homegrown Tribe said...

Yeah! Every mom... especially a mom of boys :) needs an awesome washer and dryer. We got new ones last year and LOVE them. They make my life much easier. :)

talk to you soon,