Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Funder, Whitening, and Toe-madoes

Things I have learned in the last seven days (with four of those days being slammed with thunderstorms):

A Queen bed will fit two adults and two children. But not necesarily comfortably. The two children will sleep like....babies. The two adults won't sleep at all.

When your windows are all closed because you are trying to lessen the noise of a storm, and your room is warm to begin with since you haven't turned on the A/C yet, it really rots that your 2-year-old is addicted to and won't sleep without his 2-ply winter fleece blanket. Especially when he is in your bed right next to you and you are already sweating like a pig....

Three nights in a row with severely interrupted sleep leads to grouchy parents.

When asked by a two-year-old where the Toe-mado was going to put the swingset if it picked it up, "Where ever it wants to" is a sufficient answer.

Blankets, even heavy, thick, fleece ones, do not really dull the sound of thunder or the shine of lightning when placed over the windows when the storm is directly above your house.

Grandmothers are perfectly capable of taking care of your children in stormy situations. They actually may keep them calmer than you do.

It is hard to keep children calm in a severe storm when you are just as scared as they are.

If you are officially a mom, you are too old now to cry when you are scared in a storm. You just look silly after it's over.

Little boys do NOT forget that sirens went off, and they will keep talking about it for a week after it happened. (Cameron: "Mom, it went 'whoo, whoo, whoo, that!'")

After three nights in a row of MAJOR thunderstorms, a 2-year-old may start to assume that everytime they go to bed there is going to be a storm. They may proceed to ask "Is there funder and whitening?" approximately 8 times before they will finally settle down to take their naps.

You really can have your very own lake, in your very own yard. It just takes about 5 inches of rain within 3 days....

There is a lot 2 little boys can think of to do in a situation like this....

Little boys love the after effects of torrential rain. Gardens, however, do not.


Unknown said...

hey dev, thought about you guys ALOT these last few days! why you ask? well because now that it is summer and seeing as how your area ALWAYS gets the worst weather, I can't go but one song it seems on wbgl without it interrupting and saying that there is some sort of storm over your way! Glad to see you survived the rain and funders! :)

The Boe's ~ said...

oh I had to crack up at their cute and innocent and yes, I was wondering how everyone down your way was coping with all those goodness. I know Normal was getting hit hard too- wondered about my bro... Glad you are all okay, wow that lake in your front yard looks like TONS of fun for the boys!!

My boys are so familiar with the sirens etc too. So funny, and I"m like you...the only thing I hate is TORNADOES so i have to be strong or they'll freak out when I'm actually freaking out inside big time!!!

Thanks for your comments on my blog! Aren't boys a blast!! So sweet...wish they didn't have to grow up so fast (although some days I'm thankful, haha) In the end though, its going to be sad watching them mature!!

Wow, that was a long comment...Thats what happens when I don't check blogs often as I'd like :

Karie said...

That is crazy. I can't believe it rained that much. Why do you guys get hit so much? I guess I didn't know you were in such a bad area. I hear ya on the not good for the garden thing. Mine is suffering from lack of sun and way too much rain.

Kirst said...

You're not alone in feeling scared in a storm. We don't get storms that bad but I get just as scared if sometimes not more than the kids. THe after part of the rain does look like fun. Are you a scrapbooker? Those pics would make for some awesome pages.

Julie said...

Loved the pics!

I cracked up about the kids & adults fitting in the bed together - you totally hit the nail on the head with that one!! (two kids & two adults in a king sized bed isn't any better, BTW...LOL)

Kara said...

welcome to a little taste of Oklahoma! Caden doesn't even flinch at teh sirens anymore because they test them every saturday at noon almost the entire year! Love all the pics! Looks like the boys had fun!

Stephanie said...

Oh how I can relate to this post. I am a terrible sissy when it comes to storms but I TRIED to look calm with the boys. Every night last week when I put them to bed, I reassured them that I would watch for storms and if they got bad, I would come and get them.
We had a little place set up in the basement (where we spent a few different hours) and the boys brought their gameboys with them (I brought my cell phone, flashlight, and icees.)