Sunday, June 8, 2008

How a 2-year-old hears it

Veggie Tales Song lyrics (from Madame Blueberry):

I thank God for this day,

for the sun in the sky,

for my Mom, and my Dad,

and this piece of apple pie....

Cameron's version:

I dank God doe dis day

doe da dun in the 'ky

doe my mom an' my dad

and dis Ethan apple pie.....


Unknown said...

Hey Devin...It was great to see you at the races! I remember what it was like having a little one race. We were always running late and rushing to get in line to make sure she made it for the race! =)

Thanks for the sympathy butterflies! The sad thing is I was halfway across the pool when she jumped for the first time! She doesn't have much fear, at least when it comes to water!! Thankfully she is a pretty good swimmer, or at least she can get herself to the side of the pool!