Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yes, yes....I'm definitely a mommy

Shane took me to see Prince Caspian a couple of Friday nights ago (on our date night). It was a much anticipated event, and I was all excited.

There was this big fight scene between two of the characters, and one of the men got sliced with a sword right by his knee.

It looked pretty painful to me.

A couple of 'fight scene' minutes later, the 'non-injured' guy hit the 'injured' guy again, right in that same knee area where he had just gotten hit a couple of minutes before.

My immediate, not-thinking-before-it-actually-comes-out-of-my-mouth response?

"Oooooh, did he just hit him right in his owie?!?"


Unknown said...

funny dev, amazing that you are with little ones all day long, week for that matter and the minute you are with other adults you expect to change your language so you can have adult convos?? yeah right.

Kara said...

That is pretty crazy...I guess us moms don't ever get out of that mom mode do we:)