Thursday, June 19, 2008

Your three little 'stinkers'

Know who loves you, baby?

We do!!

Daddy and Colin

Father's Day dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant
(Colin actually snapped this photo!)
Daddy and Cameron

Daddy and Ethan

Happy Father's Day to the best husband and father a girl could ever dream of!

We love you, more than life itself!


Homegrown Tribe said...

so cute seeing them all matching. We've only done that a few times since we've had 4. Oh my... can you imagine 6? that might be overload. Ha


Kirst said...

Somedays I wish I could match my kids. They all have pants that are similar but that's it. Hard to do sometimes with 2 boys and a girl.
Like I've said before you're kids are sooo cute! Love their little smiles.

Julie said...

What a bunch of cuties!! It seems like with every new picture Colin looks more and more like his daddy!!