Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Local storms bring cool clouds....

....and have given way to lots....
and lots.....

and lots.....

of cool pictures**--right out our back door!

**No photoshopping here, by the way! Don't even own it. That's just how cool the sky was.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Daddy teaches us the coolest things.... new places to keep our swords.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

I think he might have meant roses, but his version is way funnier**.....

**post does contain potty humor--however, it is mild, and it was tooooooo funny not to post.

Today, Cam was, ahem, "taking care of some business" in the bathroom.

I went in when he declared he was all done; I gave him a smirky smile and said,


To which, he replied,

"I know, I know. It does NOT smell like lemons in here, does it?"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just more proof that more is caught than taught

I apparently talk to myself too much, because Cameron picked up this phrase from someone.


Must be me? Just guessing.

After muttering something in the back of the van yesterday, I questioned Cameron:

"What did you say, honey?"

And this was his response:

"Oh, it's okay baby.....I'm just talking to myself!"

Hmph. I'll have to work on that, I guess.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: No, I do not own pink sunglasses, and yes, I do always have bruises on my head, thank you....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter, part two--the egg hunt

As previously mentioned, we had a busy Easter morning. After eating with Grandma MJ, we came home and hit the sack! A couple of hours later, the boys woke up to find eggs scattered all about the house....and the hunt was on!!

The boys running down the hall after the all-clear was given

"There's one!"

HA! Love this shot of E getting waaaaaay down in the crack to get the egg stuffed in there!

Cameron, being as gentle as he is, tried to open an egg (which contained a few coins) only to fling the egg and its contents all over the kitchen.

Here he is cleaning up (& counting the loot!)

"Got another one!"

Col was finding tons, as you can see...but, he was so good to share his findings!

Cameron spotted this high-percher, but was semi gracious to let E get it down

Then, once all of the 'stuffed' eggs had been found, we headed outside to find the eggs we had colored the night before. The boys each had one special egg that had their name on it--they were instructed that when they found 'their' egg, they were going to be able to redeem it for their very own extra-special basket of goodies! So....the hunt was back on!

"Nope. That's not it."

Ah....what is this Colin sees?
Found it!
One down, two to go....and Cameron found his next (without too much prodding!)
Ethan found his last, with only a bit of help from Daddy

Then, it was back inside to find out exactly what those special eggs were good for!

Cameron's special basket contained a couple of large candy goodies (I'm sorry, but I can not help myself--I just couldn't not buy the Cadbury's or the Reese's eggs, even though they are like eight billion calories a piece), a new Hermie movie, a new Dinosaur Magic School Bus book, and several Henry and Mudge books!

He got right to work checking the books out....

....and then moved on to a bit more comfortable reading spot. *grin*
Ethan, mostly, just sat and ate M&Ms. He was in his glory, believe me.
Col's basket also had those aforementioned large candies (of course), a new Veggie Tale movie (the Easter Carol--I had never seen this one, only read it to the boys--but it was great!), several Henry and Mudge books, and several Magic School Bus books!

{Ahem. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, eBay, for your used lots of books.}

Then, we took some fun pics. Mommy got one with each of the boys:
Sweet Cami D got two, 'cause....he's just that cute.

E Ry
....and then one with all three of my little monkeys!!

Man, I love these boys.

We had a great, great Easter--hope you all did too!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Needed something to post today...., I settled for the Easter pic of Shane and me. *grin*
Happy Monday everyone!

p.s. Part two (containing the egg hunt) up tomorrow!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Colin's version of The Sound of Music

I began singing today, and soon, the boys began singing along with me. We love The Sound of Music around here.

After several times through the song, I dropped out.

Colin, however, sang right on.

His version was so funny that I had to grab a pen.

"Do, a Deer" as sung by Colin (with incorrect words italicized by yours truly):

"Doe--a deer, a feel man deer

Rain--a drop of falling suuuuuuuuun

Me--a name I call my cell

Far--a long off way to ruuuuuuuuun

Sew--a needle pulling bread

La--a no to follow sooooooooooooooo

Ti--a drink from moldy bread

That will bring us up to doe doe doe doe doe...."

I love it. And when it's not exactly right, I love it all the more....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

(almost) Wordless Wednesday: Alternately titled: Just because I don't have girls doesn't mean I can't teach them a thing or two about makeup...

{This is what happens when your boys find hidden Halloween make-up stuck in the back of your closet--make-up that you got on wicked clearance at an after-Halloween sale, and that you had planned on saving for some fun on a rainy day, but had since forgotten all about. Said boys decide they want to be real pirates, "just like the ones on the package!" and, since you were stuck inside due to *inclement* weather, you agree. You agree to turn your sweet, baby-faced little boys into pirates. However, you unfortunately find that hastily ripping open the package and following the painting instructions on the box actually turns them into semi-dead looking, very scary Pirates instead of normal-looking ones. (Wait....are there such a thing as 'normal-looking' Pirates?) Dern that Halloween spin they have to put on everything.}

I still actually find them quite adorable, and they had a blast doing this--even Ethan, who I thought would never cooperate, climbed on the stool and said, "Me? My turn? Pee-ee-eeease?" and sat very still while I 'transformed' him!

They also enjoyed flashing some Pirate faces at me.....Happy Wednesday everyone!