Thursday, April 2, 2009

Encouragement for Moms

Courtesy of Jill Savage
{Her preschooler said to her,} "Mom, listen to me." I told him I was listening to him and I repeated back to him the details of what he had told me. "No mom," he responded, "listen to me with your eyes." Continued on her blog.....

Jill had some amazingly wonderful things to say today about communicating with your children. It was a wonderful read, and I thought some of you may enjoy it! Hop on over to her blog and check it out!

Also, Jill has written a wonderful book called, Real Moms, Real Jesus. (You can get it here, if you'd like.) To be perfectly honest, I had no idea the depth of knowledge I was going to be diving into when I began this book. I am so, so glad that I picked it up at Hearts at Home.

What does Jesus understand about the life of a Mom? Only everything! I have been so encouraged and refreshed by this book, and am only in the middle of chapter one.

Jill is going to be hosting a book discussion starting next Tuesday on her blog. The chapters aren't long at all, so there is more than enough time to grab the book and hop on in!

I already can't wait to get started. Even if you start a chapter or two behind, it will still be worth it. Will you join me in the discussion?


Kara said...

Okay I am so all over this! I will get the book ASAP. Thanks for mentioning this on here...can I share it on my blog?